Tuesday, July 28, 2015

405 Yoga Headed to Trinidad

Image from Google Maps

Exciting news comes our way that the space left vacant by the closing of J.B. Liquorette (1000 Florida Ave, right where it meets West Virginia Ave) more than two years ago will become a yoga studio. This is big news for the space, the intersection, and the neighbors. I've seen a lot of speculation about what might go into the space with some of the more frequently mentioned possibilities being daycare center, hardware store, and even a Starbucks. But a yoga studio makes sense and isn't likely to cause the sort of traffic issues you might experience with those first two options. H/T to Twitter user @ImaMadLibrarian who tweeted a photo of the coming soon announcement.

The yoga studio in question is 405 Yoga. This will be a "Power Yoga Studio" offering Vinyasa, Rocket, and Power Yoga. Look for an opening this fall.


Jesse said...

Great news. Exciting to see new resources going in on Florida. Now if only a child friendly breakfast place would go into the commercial space on the corner of 13th on Florida. :)

Anonymous said...

oh man.
i can only imagine all of the catcalling and hollering that will be done at the ladies walking in yoga pants. this should be good.

Anonymous said...

i don't think yoga pants are very flattering on most ladies IMHO

Jesse said...

How does one catcall in sign language?

Anonymous said...

Yay! This is great news! Looking forward to checking out the new Yoga spot!