Monday, July 06, 2015

MPD Seeks Man for 7/4 Murder on Metro Train [UPDATE: Suspect in Custody]

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The Washington Post reports that MPD believes they have the suspect in custody.


MPD is actively seeking 18 year old Jasper Spires in the July 4th murder of 24 year old Kevin Joseph Sutherland. Spires allegedly stabbed Sutherland in a train as approached the NoMa Metro station a little before 1pm Saturday afternoon. MPD has suggested that Spires may have stabbed Sutherland as part of an attempted robbery gone wrong. It seems that Sutherland and Spires did not know each other, and that this was a random robbery. The Washington Post reports that Spires had been arrested Thursday for an unrelated street robbery of a man in NW, and was released the day before he allegedly murdered Sutherland. Spires is wanted for First Degree Murder While Armed.
WTOP, the Washington Post, WUSA9, and other new sources have reported that Sutherland was a recent AU grad who lived and worked in the District. As always, MPD offers a $25,000 reward for information that results in the arrest and conviction of the person, or persons, responsible for a homicide in the District of Columbia.


Anonymous said...

there goes future plans for my friends to come via Metro and meet me at Union Market on weekend afternoons.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 9:46 - gee, I guess they should avoid Clarendon too given that a man was murdered in a botched robbery while walking home a few years ago.

Jesse said...

Inked...the blog is a little somber these days. :(

Anonymous said...

This is just horrifying on all levels. Run of the mill summer homicides are bad enough, but they are usually about something that has nothing to do with me. I use NOMA station every day and that could have easily been me or somebody I love-- this type of homicide is extremely concerning.

Even after all the progress that has been made, DC is still an exceptionally hard place to live. The violence, criminality, constant buzz of the motorbikes, neighbors screaming at each other... I love it here, probably love it more than anybody I know. But things like this still cause me to fantasize about moving away.

Anonymous said...

somber hater,

inked is just reporting the truth of what happens in our neighborhood. i also like the press releases that have pics of the suspects and victims.


no you shouldn't avoid clarendon metro station because someone was killed in a "robbery gone wrong" a few years ago. you should avoid clarendon metro station if someone was killed there very recently in a "robbery gone wrong." A more important reason to avoid clarendon metro station because clarendon is incredibly lame.

inked said...

I promise I have plenty of uplifting news in the pipeline. I was sidelined with a nasty stomach bug the entire long weekend and part of last week, so the big crime stories that had to go in went in, & the other stuff got back-burnered.

curmudgeon said...

Apparently the alleged perp was arrested two days beforehand for felony robbery using force and violence. From the article: "The police report said that the suspect reached for a man and asked, 'What do you have in your pockets?' He then grabbed the man by the neck and pushed him against a wall, the report said." But for some reason that Cathy Lanier says she doesn't know, the charge was downgraded to a misdemeanor and he was let go the next day. The day after that, Kevin Sutherland was robbed and stabbed to death at the NoMa station.

Our wonderful catch-and-release policy at work.

Anonymous said...

Starting to feel to me like the run-up to the Trinidad lockdown of 7-8 years ago, only now it's further west.

Anonymous said...

if some stranger grabs be my the neck, I will blast him

pat said...

The man killed another man over what? A wallet and change?
What was he thinking? Now he's looking at 8-25 on Murder 2, 5-10 on the robbery
and a second 5-10 for robbery.

He could easily be 60 before he gets out, and then what?

My sympathies for the family of Mr Sutherland who seemed to have a bright future.

Anonymous said...

seriously who carries thousands of dollars in cash on their person? the AU grad probably had $60, some credit cards, an I phone 6, and that's it. what kind of small brain idiot risks their civilian life for that?

when he gets out at 60 and takes the Metro, I hope he receives a robbery gone wrong.

curmudgeon said...

The article in the Post today about this describes the evidence they have that this is the guy who did it. It also goes through what, exactly, he allegedly did on the train, to the deceased and to the other witnesses in the car.

This is not a human being we are talking about here.

Anonymous said...

Cant believe that the cops are using this guy to push their campaign against synthetic drugs. Are we really suppose to believe that if we just get rid of Scooby snacks, that pond scum like Speers will not rob and stab us?

I hope they send him to Texas to spend time with the biker gangs.

DC Fangirl said...

Curmudgeon and others,

I just finished reading "S Street Rising" by Ruben Castaneda, documenting the crack epidemic in DC that we are still cleaning up from. He was both a reporter and an addict, so saw it from all sides. Three generations of families destroyed - the addicts, their parents, and their kids - and whole sections of the city wasted. It could very easily happen again is the scary part.

While there is no human excuse for what Spires did, I can understand MPD's focus on getting this s**t off the streets. This is a whole lot more dangerous than Scooby Snacks.

Anonymous said...

WP story sheds new light as this happened on a moving train. So, it not just our neighborhood that is fucked. It's everyone that takes a Metro is fucked. 10 people on the train and helpless to stop the AU grad from getting killed. A 52 year old woman and her father were almost the next victims. The culprit did it so easy like a terrorist. I'm definitely carrying when I take the Metro now. I bet something like this is going to happen again.

Anonymous said...


Well, I hope you carry your SEAL training with you because hitting a target quickly on a moving, bouncing, and shifting object is a piece of cake.

pat said...

I read the post article, and i also looked at kevin sutherland's website. Sutherland seemed like a bright, well spoken
man who had nothing but potential and sadly Spires also seemed like a bright young man who got into
drugs and wasted all that potential.

The event had to have been traumatic for all onboard and I sincerely hope a fair trial results in a drug infected
violent criminal to be safely removed from our streets.

heyktb said...


Anonymous said...

gunshots on G and that school and the Mason apts