Thursday, July 23, 2015

Music in the Meadow with Mark G. Meadows - TONIGHT! (7/23)

Mark G. Meadows. Photo courtesy of FONA
Mark G. Meadows. Image courtesy of FONA

Friends of the National Arboretum have a special event planned for this evening. From their website:

Music in the Meadow with Mark G. Meadows- we couldn’t get a cooler title if we tried!
Next Thursday, July 23, FONA is proud to present another Summer Evening at the Arboretum allowing members the chance to see the Arboretum after hours for free!
Mark G. Meadows and his band Somethin’ Good will be playing for us from 6:30 to 8:30 in the meadow underneath the Capitol Columns.
Pack a picnic, bring lawn chairs and cool drinks and grab your friends for an evening of relaxation at the Arboretum.
Check out Mark’s music here.


Anonymous said...

I just got in from the concert with a few friends. For a $5 donation, FONA gave out two free beer/wine tickets and provided a great venue for a wonderful concert. They're also hosting a bicycle night at the Arboretum September 24th. There's a new Director at the Arboretum hoping to develop more community events like this. The crowd was diverse by race and age.

Anonymous said...

Ditto above. Terrific setting and lovely event tonight.

pat said...

very cool but a little more lead time would be nice.

Chris said...

Yeah. Not Inked's fault at all, but I wish I'd heard about it before it only had a half-hour left.

inked said...

It was a last minute blog addition. I generally try to post prior to day of events.