Monday, July 13, 2015

Police Name Victim in Last Night's Shooting in 900 Block of 3rd St

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Image from Google Maps

36 year old Timothy Bing was shot last night while standing in front of his home. A man approached Mr. Bing and fired several shots. It happened about 10pm in the 900 block of 3rd Street. Fox 5 reports that a child was playing nearby at the time of the shooting.

Here's the MPD alert:

SHOOTING investigation at 2215 in the 900 block of 3rd ST., NE  LOF B/M, blk and white shirt, blue jeans//6802 

Additional coverage:

Police investigate deadly shooting of 36-year-old man in Northeast Washington (Washington Post, 7/13/2015)
Boy witnessed Northeast DC fatal shooting (WUSA9, 7/13/2015)


Anonymous said...

gulp. time to move to the suburbs...

Anonymous said...

I hate being black.

Anonymous said...

geez. that block was pretty safe. that's too close to Giant and that Indian place. horrible that kid had to see that shit. Looks like there was a shooting earlier that day at 1st and M. So how many shootings and stabbing have we had in the past few weeks?

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Muriel Bowser's Washington

Anonymous said...

i doubt it has something to do with King Koopa Troopa. Otherwise that would mean our neighborhood would have an increase in shootings since January.

Anonymous said...

I always walked past that house and thought it was a boarding house. There were always a dozen people hanging out on the porch making a racket and when I heard it was the crime scene I just had to laugh about my not judging folks who look and act different.

Tom said...

Hmm--everyone is worried about the 5 year old. I think the 5 year old is already doomed. WTF is a 5 yr old doing up at 10:15pm SWIMMING?

Anonymous said...

Every Night! This is going to end up badly for the African Americans

his is an important message from the District of Columbia AlertDC system.

Alert - Robbery Hold - Up Gun in the 600 Block of F Street, NE. Lookout is for 2 B/Ms - (S1) 5'08-9", dark complexion, slim build, wearing a multi-colored shirt, riding a dark mountain bike. (S2) unknown height, 200-210 lbs., short hair cut. Suspects were last seen Westbound on F Street, NE.


Sent to 1st District (PSA 101-108) Alert DC

Sent by MPD CAD # 217

pat said...

for those wondering about King, Koopa Troopa

it's a meta joke on Nintendo.

as for the shooting, well, Bowser has certainly failed in a lot of areas, i'm not surprised
violence is up