Sunday, July 26, 2015

Shooting in the 1500 Block of Benning

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Image from Google Maps

From an email sent by an MPD Lieutenant serving as Watch Commander:

On Saturday, July 25, 2015, Fifth District received calls for service for sounds of gun shots in the 1600 block of Benning Road Northeast.  As units arrived they observed a late model four door sedan leaving the area at a high rate of speed.  As the units got closer they discovered that the complaint was onboard and being transported by friends to HUH.  Once at the hospital the units learned that the crime scene was in the rear of the Pentacle Apartment Complex which is located in the 1600 block of Benning Road Northeast.  Units were dispatched to locate a crime scene.  The responding units located the crime scene in the 700 block of 16th Street Northeast. 

The location is slightly off. Below is the DC Alert that gets the block right (or at least the 1500 block of Benning is where the Pentacle is located). This is in the Rosedale neighborhood.


Anonymous said...

disgusting culture

Anonymous said...

No comments needed its all been said in the comment section in this op-ed:

Anonymous said...

Left on foot? Left on bike? Which one is it?

inked said...

LOF stands for Look Out For, not left on foot.

pat said...

Is it just me or is the neighborhood really in an upswing in crime?

These seem to mostly be signatures of drug gangs shooting it out, is there some sort of
gang war going on?

Anonymous said...

4 guys out of an SUV randomly shooting doesn't seem like a gang war to me. the attack on the Vendetta manager doesn't either, the armed robberies against people who are not in gangs, the stealing of packages from people who are work, the unwanted touching from loitering men on weekend nights, dangerous dogs attacking other dogs and the owners running away, the AU grad who got stabbed 40 times on the redline, all these don't seem like gang wars to me

Annoyingmous said...

Anon 3:39pm -- I looked at the comments to that op-ed as you suggested, but all I found there was either 1) people who, by what they said, had VERY OBVIOUSLY not actually read the op-ed; or 2) people who simply took the opportunity to make nasty racist comments.

Which one of those groups were you referring to as 'having said it all'?

Anonymous said...

what is a watch commander?

inked said...

Commanders and Lieutenants serve on a rotating basis as the Watch Commander on duty. It is NOT the same as a District Commander. Here's a bit about the Watch Commander position (MPD General Order from 2011, 101.09):

Watch Commanders shall:
1. Report for duty one (1) hour prior to the first scheduled roll call.
2. Personally relieve the previous Watch Commander and ascertain:

a. The current staffing levels and make adjustments if necessary.
b. The current number of pending runs and address as necessary.
NOTE: No member of the previous shift shall be relieved from
duty when there are five (5) or more pending calls for service.
c. The current number of details or special assignments and
ensure timely relief.
d. Any items of importance which occurred on the previous shift or
are expected on the current shift.
3. Receive and maintain possession of the Watch Commander cell phone
until relieved.
4. Ensure roll call is prepared and reviewed to ensure adequate staffing
and coverage for details and special attention.
5. If adequate staffing is not projected for the oncoming shift:
a. Tentatively prepare to hold over the minimum number of
members necessary to achieve adequate staffing.

b. Ascertain the source of the staffing issue (e.g., members in
court, detailed, emergency leave) and the projected duration
(e.g., first hour, two hours, entire shift).
c. Contact the Field Commander and/or the District Commander
and advise him/her of the situation and proposed solution.
6. Attend roll call and personally inspect personnel prior to their going on
duty and permit no member to go on duty whose uniform is not in
accordance with rules of the MPD or who presents an unclean or
untidy appearance.
7. Notify the CIC and advise:
a. If any member from the current shift is projected to be held over.
b. The existence of any details (e.g., guard details, special events)
and provide all pertinent information (e.g., location, duration,
prisoner’s name and charge, staffing needed).

inked said...

c. Staffing available for the shift, to include:
(1) Number of members working;
(2) Number and type of vehicles in operation; and
(3) Number of members trained and certified in:
(a) AR-15;

(b) Active Shooter;

(c) Civil Disturbance (CDU);
(d) Special Threat Action Team (STAT); or
(e) Crisis Intervention (i.e.,CIO).

8. Ensure roll calls are forwarded to the station, all officials and the CIC.
9. Ensure deployment is placed in Columbo.
10. Inspect the cell block and ascertain if any prisoners are approaching
the ‘Lively’ time limit, and address if necessary.
11. Inspect the station area for cleanliness and staffing and account for
collateral monies.
12. On the evening shift, ensure the arrest book binder is up to date and in
compliance with SO 11-09 (Arrest Books).
13. Ensure all members are properly entered into TACIS.
14. Ensure the CIC is notified within thirty (30) minutes and provided a
synopsis for all:
a. Crimes of violence;
b. Hospital details;
c. Injured officers;
d. Gun recoveries;
e. License plate reader arrests;
f. Vehicular pursuits;
g. Suspicious packages; and
h. Any other unusual events which may draw media attention.
15. Visit members of their command on patrol duty as often as practicable,
and take appropriate steps to correct any violations of rules or
dereliction of duty which they observe.
16. Respond to all serious events occurring during the shift.
17. Ensure all reports recorded during the shift are prepared, reviewed and
18. Ensure that members are not assigned to patrol on foot, Segway™,
bicycle or scooter when temperatures fall to twenty (20) degrees
Fahrenheit or below, and that members are assigned to patrol in a
vehicle, absent operational needs as determined by the Chief of Police
or Field Commander.
NOTE: When temperatures are above twenty (20) degrees
Fahrenheit, but below (32) degrees Fahrenheit, members assigned to
patrol on foot, Segway™, bicycle or scooter may be assigned to patrol
in a vehicle at the discretion of their Watch Commander.
19. Contact OUC and ascertain the number of pending runs and ensure
there are five (5) runs or less and address if necessary.
20. Personally brief the oncoming Watch Commander of all issues of
21. Be relieved of duty upon being succeeded as Watch Commander or
upon ascertaining that all assignments for the shift are completed or in
process of being completed, or have been properly transferred or

Anonymous said...

Pass anti-loitering laws with real consequences, bring back the checkpoints (I don't care what the court says, the criminals who live and hang around this area are a real threat to the rest of us), build a wall around the starburst plaza or a permanent police station, initiate a curfew for all of Benning with real consequences, permanently station officers along that street. It's all harsh and over the top but the people in the area can't handle the freedom the rest of us enjoy.

This exact story will be posted again next week. It will happen again. Nobody in the "community" around this area actually gives a shit. It is their kids, brothers, fathers, friends committing these crimes. These aren't strangers or aliens coming in for one-off incidents.

Anonymous said...

I bet, in our neighborhood, there will be a shooting within the next 3 days, an armed robbery within the next 2 days, at least 5 forms of theft within the next 24 hours, a taco and beer deal will beat another taco and beer deal.

Anonymous said...

La Churacrabas tacos rule!

Anonymous said...

Has the new mayor asked MPD to not stop suspicious looking people ?
Simple stop and frisk and curfew enforcement would prevent alot of harm to innocent people.
If some people think stop and frisk or police presence is oppressive could they please go and start their own country where the likes of Michael Brown is their messiah and criminals are not stopped?

Anonymous said...

7:12, i like your idea, but realistically it's a lawsuit or riots waiting to happen. if everyone got decent video cameras in front of their houses, that would be a good step.

Anonymous said...

Something tells me that video cameras in that area "wouldn't see nothin"