Saturday, August 29, 2015

A Visit to Addis Ethiopian Restaurant

I recently dined at Addis Ethiopian Restaurant (707 H Street) for the first time. Addis opened in late January, and I feel like they've largely flown under the radar for many folks. That's too bad because they serve solid food and it's decently priced. My dining companion that night was a vegetarian, so we ordered the vegetarian sampler (eight dishes for $14.25:  split peas, split lentils spicy, mild lentils, collard greens, potato and carrot, shiro, cabbage, yetimatim salata) and the awaze tibs (beef, onions, tomatoes, and peppers for $14.75). As is common at many local Ethiopian restaurants, the servings are quite generous, so this was more than enough to feed two people and have leftovers to take home.

It's not apparent from their website, but they serve beer and wine (though I do not recall seeing any honey wine on the menu), as well as anything else you might find in a fully stocked bar. 

The atmosphere is festive, with lights that change color (but not in a way that's distracting), and they offer live music certain nights. They also have tvs in both the dining and bar areas, so this could be a good place to watch the game or another big event. 
The bar area

IMG_1283 IMG_1282

According to their website, Addis serves lunch and dinner every day, and they are open from 11am to 11pm, except on Fridays and Saturdays when they stay open until 2am.


chris said...

You're right that they've flown under *my* radar. I remember discussion that they were opening, but no discussion that they were open or anything about them after that. It hurts them a little that they're in the middle-part of H, away from most of the other bars or restaurants. I'll have to give them a try.

Anonymous said...

hope they got their shit together. I went in there once, the hostess left me before sitting me to attend to two new people that walked in. She sat them, got them menus, talked to them, and left me standing guessing where she was aiming to sit me. After waiting around a few minutes, I sat myself.

And guess who was my waitress? She came back a few times after I gave my order to confirm. The food came out cold. I had to get my own napkins from the bar. I complained the food was cold to her. Nothing offered to make up for the incompetence from her and the kitchen. Skip this place and go to Ethiopic. There were three other tables of two in the entire place. What a waste of a place.

Anonymous said...

i love this place. it's calm, with friendly service. great food. not as expensive as ethiopic.

Anonymous said...

I went once and enjoyed it - our food was delicious, portions were generous, and prices were reasonable. However we were one of only 3-4 other tables in the restaurant. The service was a little disorganized but I can forgive that for a place like this - definitely worth checking out.

Anonymous said...

food was good. Service was disappointing.

Anonymous said...

I really like this place. It took them a while to get their service together but seems much better now. The food is great and I like the ambience. It much more reasonably price than Ethiopic.