Thursday, August 06, 2015

Sally's Middle Name to Offer Free ESL/ESOL Class

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The owners of Sally's Middle Name (1320 H Street) recently sent word of a very exciting new development. It's not a new beer menu, or a plan for a cool patio. They are offering a free ESL/ESOL (English as Second Language/English for Speakers of Other Languages). The free eight week class starts September 2nd and consists of one hour weekly sessions.

This class is special because it is geared towards those who work in the restaurant industry. People in this industry generally do not work a traditional 9am-5pm schedule, and may have other special needs/desires related to their jobs. As a former volunteer ESL teacher I really like this idea a lot. I think there are definitely people who work back of the house right here on H Street who could really benefit from a class like this, and as the email excerpt below explains, that's a big part of the motivation for holding it. Awesome news!

The goal of this course will be to help educate non-English-speaking restaurant employees on the H Street corridor in order to better their work environment and allow them to further their careers without the hindrance of a language barrier. While there are many free ESOL classes offered around the city, few cater to the schedule and needs of people in the restaurant industry. We hope that this class will provide a learning environment that is both convenient and beneficial to those who need it most.
Contact Aphra at or (202) 750 6529 if you are interested in the class.

The schedule appears below:

Restaurant ESL 101
Fall 2015
September 2nd – October 21st
1:30pm – 2:30pm

  • Week 1 September 2 Introductions / Worker’s Rights / Calendar
  • Week 2 September 9 Vocabulary
  • Week 3 September 16 Verb Conjugation – Present Tense
  • Week 4 September 23 Verb Conjugation – Past/Future Tense
  • Week 5 September 30 Nouns/Pronouns
  • Week 6 October 7 Adjectives/Adverbs
  • Week 7 October 14 Phrases
  • Week 8 October 21 Review


Anonymous said...

pretty good idea. i see a lot of latinos doing all the dirty stuff that's necessary in order for me to have a good dining experience. if it helps them in their job, why not?

Anonymous said...

Why does this place feel the need to humble brag so much? Its getting a bit tired. Several other H Street businesses have quietly supported community efforts for years without the need to pat themselves on the back.

inked said...

I think they mostly just wanted to get the word out that they are offering the class.

Anonymous said...

@2:21 Because it is a business. The goal is to make money and you cant support and hellp others unless you first make more then enough to meet your own need. Uhm like Clinton, Buffett, Gates...