Monday, August 17, 2015

Suspect Arrested in 8/10 Stabbing of Stranger on H Street [UPDATED}


MPD announced on Friday that they have arrested 57 year old Hector Louis Felix of Northwest for the fatal stabbing of 44 year old Suitland, MD resident Eric Lee Smith on August 10th. Mr. Felix allegedly stabbed Mr. Smith at a bus stop on the X2 line while Smith argued with a third man. Passengers were boarding the bus at the time. Felix stabbed Smith repeatedly in the chest (according to the Washington Post), or in the back (according to NBC News 4). MPD suggests that Felix did not know Smith or the other man who was arguing fighting with Smith. The stabbing happened in broad daylight on a Monday at about 3:49pm. Felix has been charged with Second Degree Murder. So...not a lot of answers about why this happened.


The Washington Post has a another piece that tells a little more of the story. According to the article, Smith boarded a crowded bus, couldn't find a seat and bumped a small child with his bag while leaving the bus. The child's mother followed Smith off the bus and confronted him about not apologizing. They began to argue. Another man intervened and he and Smith became involved in a physical fight, during which Smith punched the unnamed man multiple times while on top of him. That's when Felix approached with a knife. Smith saw the knife, got off the other man, and began to back into traffic, where he was hit by a moving vehicle. Smith reportedly said to Felix "Oh, you’ve got a knife, go ahead, swing it," after which Felix did, stabbing Smith repeatedly in the chest with it. According to an NBC News 4 story Felix then WALKED AWAY heading east on H Street. Several witnesses assisted police.

More details in the WaPo piece "Witnesses say fatal H Street stabbing was over a bump on a crowded bus," as well as in this story from NBC News 4 "Man Stabbed on H Street NE Bumped Someone on Bus, Witnesses Say."

The MPD press release on this one is very short, both in length, and on details. So most of the details above come from this Washington Post story: Police arrest man in fatal stabbing of Suitland resident in H Street corridor, as well as from this NBC News 4 piece: Man Stabbed Stranger to Death on H Street NE as He Boarded Bus: PD

Here's the full press release:

August 14, 2015

Arrest made in Homicide:
800 block of H Street, Northeast

(Washington, DC) - Detectives from the Metropolitan Police Department's Homicide Branch announced the arrest of a suspect who was wanted in connection with a homicide that occurred on Monday, August 10, 2015, at approximately 3:49 pm in the 800 block of H Street, Northeast.

On Friday, August 14, 2015 pursuant to a DC Superior Court arrest warrant, 57 year Hector L. Felix of Northwest, DC, was arrested and charged with Second Degree Murder While Armed in the stabbing death of 44-year-old Eric Lee Smith.


Robin said...

Do you know anything about the shooting at 8th and Maryland yesterday?

Anonymous said...

I am surprised how crime can occur on 8th and H or 8th and Maryland during the late evening hours considering there's a 7-11 at both of those locations, where police hang out at night.

Anonymous said...

The shooting on Maryland between 8th & 9th happened around noon, on Sunday. Last night there was a vacant police car sitting know, the typical DC police response. No worries though, the City Council is going to make driveby shooting legal in DC.

pat said...

it sounds like Hector Felix has a heck of a defense. He sees Smith beating the stuffing out of someone,
he approaches Smith and smith retreats into traffic. Smith struck by a car does something crazy.

i'd want to try that as a defendable case.

inked said...

Several shots were fired, some of which broke windows in cars. No one was injured. Some neighbors have organized an informal discussion about the crime and public safety more generally. That's happening tonight at 7pm at the library at 7th & Maryland. Some District officials will be there. Ward 6 Charles Allen is actually host another crime meeting elsewhere at the same time, but he has stated that he will try to stop by if his scheduled meeting does not run too late.

Anonymous said...

Utter shit-show.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if that woman who started it all, has any regrets at all.

Anonymous said...

Walking into traffic after bumping people on the X2 and punching people on the street, I'd say Smith got what he deserved up to the point after the car hit him. The extra action by the Latino getting some justice was a bit much, but I am not going to loose sleep over Smith's death. At least Smith won't be riding the X2 anymore. Back to Suitland with cha!

Robin said...

Nearly everyday I stand on the X2 and just hope I have enough room that my purse isn't bumping into the people sitting down. The X2 is always crowded and it's a rarity to find a seat. That said, people bump into each other all the time. I've seen a few people get upset by it, but at some point you just have to understand that this is how it goes on the X2.

Why they are reducing service on Saturday is beyond me. Also, every X2 should be the extended version, even the rush hour ones to Lafayette (which I've noticed are all short buses now that they have the alternating buses that end at Gallery Place).

poo poo's second concubine, thrice removed said...

"Hi, I'm here volunteering on behalf of Mrs. Henderson asking you to sign these petitions to recall folks that have been fighting her attempts at make our neighborhoods safer."
"Really? Is this true?"
"Yes, ma'am. Kathy has a good dialogue with MPD, but she's unable to work with them because of all the barricades these folks put before her. Sign her, and help to make your neighborhood safer."
"Ok. I'll do anything at this point to make our folks safer on the streets. Where do I sign?"

...and so it goes.

I think some call it "opportunity in the face of adversity". tsk, tsk, tsk.