Thursday, September 10, 2015

WaPo: Longtime Merchants Feel the Squeeze at Florida Ave Market


The Washington Post ran a piece on changes at the Florida Avenue Market. As Union Market and other higher end businesses flock to the Market, the rents are rising and many longterm merchants fear they will have to leave as their buildings are sold to developers like Edens. The story of what's happening right now at the Florida Avenue Market is a long and complicated one.
Here are a few key things to know/note:
  • Once plans for the NoMa Metro stop were in play that land instantly became much more valuable.
  • Many of the merchants who sell in the Florida Avenue Market rent their spaces, meaning they have less than full control over whether they stay or go.
  • If the New Town plan that Vincent Orange and Harry Thomas Jr. supported had happened, the vast majority of the Florida Avenue Market would likely have gone the way of the dodo.
If you care to go through some older materials on the topic you might find interesting this now dormant blog that I created years ago with Richard Layman back when we used to give the occasional informal tour of the Florida Avenue Market. It has some good links and information.

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