Sunday, October 11, 2015

ANC 5D Meeting Tuesday 10/13 & Recap of Last Month's Meeting

Video shot by Edward Milton of the 9/8/15 ANC 5D meeting

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 5D
Regular Monthly Meeting
MPD 5th District (1805 Bladensburg Road)
7pm Tuesday October 13th

No agenda has been circulated yet.

Below you will find the following items of interest:

  1. Draft minutes from the last meeting
  2. My Storify recap of the meeting (think of it as a collection of tweets with links, notes, and photos added)


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@Anon 8:25:


Anonymous said...

its probably with the cell phone bills she has.

Anonymous said...

Touché! Hopefully she will follow procedure and submit it to the treasurer so that it could be considered for payment.or on the other hand, if that is done the phone records will be available for other commissioners to know the information and who she called. Have those phone calls been commissioner business or personal? Let's also remember that her phone number is NOT published on the ANC website. The only phone numbers on the district ANC website are privately paid for by three commissioners. Wake up fellow neighbors and act on truth and transparency.

Anonymous said...

BB guns are not illegal in DC.

La Luce said...

Very good and detailed meeting info. Thank you for sharing!