Friday, October 16, 2015

Boogie Babes at the Angelika Pop Up

The lobby at the Angelika Pop Up

Boogie Babes, a local musical group of performers catering to the tastes of the (much) younger crowd and their parents, recently added the Angelika Pop Up (550 Penn Street, conveniently located behind Union Market and next door to the Dolcezza Gelato Factory) to their list of performance venues. They held their first show at the Angelika October 7th, and they’ll be appearing regularly there in the future. They generally perform weekday mornings, but also sometimes have weekend morning shows. Costs for events may vary, but most shows are $5 per child, with no charge for siblings under the age of six month. Some special events cost $10 per family. Stroller parking is available.

The Angelika Pop Up also runs a regular Cry Baby Matinee on Wednesdays at 12pm. It's a great chance for new parents to take in a movie "without worrying about unexpected tantrums or feedings in the dark. [The theatre keeps] the lights dimmed, the sound volume down, and the movies coming."

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Jesse said...

I love that this exists. Making it during the week with our kids is never an option, but the fact that this happens makes me happy about this city and neighborhood.

Thank you for posting it!