Thursday, October 15, 2015


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Tricks & Treats is this year's version of an annual Halloween celebration put on by E Street Adventures. E Street Adventures is a group of neighbors in the 1600 block of E Street. This isn't a money making venture of any sort. It's a fun community event, and you don't have to live in the 1600 block of E Street to attend. Many of the children who attend come from the nearby apartment complexes, or are students at the local elementary school (the E Street Adventures team extends a special invitation to all the students).

They hope to serve about 100 kids this year, and they could use your help in making that happen. This is a rather elaborate affair. The flyer they have posted on their website (and which was distributed to local residents) mentions facepainting, pumpkin carving, a moonbounce, games, candy, special guests, and even a fire performance. You can find more detailed amounts for some of those expenses on their website. Check out their gallery of photos and videos from past events, and make a Paypal donation if you are so inclined. Rather give supplies than money? Cool, there's a list of what they need on their site, here's what's on the list right now:

  • Pumpkin carving supplies
  • Non-candy Halloween goodies (they have plenty of spider rings/pencils/stickers, but could use more small toys)
  • Paper or plastic cups for kids
  • Halloween decorations (plastic bats/skeletons/etc. that they could hand from trees)
  • Jack-o-lanterns (NOT pumpkins for carving, they have enough).
They also can use volunteers:

  • Scavenger hunt set-up and supervision
  • Pumpkin carving assistants (kids aren’t allowed to handle the carving tools)
  • Obstacle course set-up and supervision
  • Game creators/supervisors (some volunteers make their own games for us)
  • Craft table supervisors
  • Tattoo artists (applying temporary tattoos)
  • Moon bounce monitors
  • Costumed heroes (we’d like to have more than Aaron alone)
  • Cleaning crew


I just learned that the professionally made superhero costume they ordered will not be ready in time, and the organizers are desperately searching for a volunteer with a nice superhero costume to come and make the day special for the kids. The core hours for the event (which runs from 2-8pm) are 3-6pm, but they can be flexible. If you are willing to volunteer and have a great costume, contact them estreetadventures[at]

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A costumed superhero replacement? Poopy the Magic Hobo to the rescue!