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Nomad Yard Collectiv to Host a "Discussion on Space" Saturday

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A representative from Nomad Yard Collectiv posted the message that appears below to Instagram and asked me to also the information here. At Tuesday's ANC 5D meeting we heard (for the second time) from presenters about a boutique "arts hotel" coming to 411 New York Avenue (just north of Union Market). The developers for the project are D. B. Lee Development and Construction and Brook Rose Development. They plan to partner with CulturalDC. According to their website CulturalDC "sees the arts as a driving force in building sustainable communities. [The group provides] a wide range of programs and services that support artists’ ability to live and work in the city and give audiences access to affordable and accessible cutting-edge visual and performing art from artists living and working today." The hotel will include 3,000 sq ft of exhibition space, artist studios (eight of them) at below market rate, and classroom space suitable for teaching, holding artist talks, or screening films. The developers have not yet selected a group to operate the hotel, but they have a Request for Proposals out. This will be a 3-4 star hotel, with a staff of 100-110.

Why the discussion on Saturday? 411 New York Avenue currently has three tenants: Nomad Yard Collectiv, Union Arts DC, and Mousai House. Nomad Yard Collectiv is a collective shop that sells antiques, vintage items, and work by independent designers and indie artists. Union Arts DC is a group made up of resident artists who "use the space for teaching, rehearsing, and creating work springing from their own original visions." Union Arts DC provides "studio and rehearsal space for painters, musicians, photographers, filmmakers and designers. It also "hosts concerts, classes, exhibitions and a wide range of other events." Mousai House is a "service based company providing education, management, and production artists need to realize their potential." They seek to "provide a secure space for the community to cultivate their creativity thru art and music." They have regular jam sessions, teach free music lessons to community members, and provide artists with access to studio equipment. These three tenants are concerned about losing their groups' home to this development. Mousai House appears to be in the process of looking for a new space (based on social media posts). I have reached out for further information, and will post it as I get it. Until then, anyone curious/interested in learning more should make plans to show up at 411 NewYork Avenue between 4pm and 8pm this Saturday.

the 411 // yesterday, an #anc5d meeting took place where presented their plans to develop an "art" boutique hotel at 411 new york avenue ne, a building in #trinidaddc that has supported dc artists and small businesses on a neglected northeast street for almost 40 years.
at the same time, i attended a @thinklocaldc developers dinner in nw, where developers, artists and small business "talked" about creativity + inclusion. mind you, this is the very company that i reached out to in june to present my intentions to remain in my space. to discuss the idea of including the existing businesses in their plans for the "art" boutique hotel. they have been blatant in their disregard for the community that exists in this space. and the community that surrounds it. the community that supports it. they are blatantly dismissive of our needs. our time. our efforts. our money.
i for one did not create a space for us only to be shut down. the belief is that we will walk away quietly. i will not!! we have proof of concept. we are operating and beneficial to the community, the neighborhood. the needs and wants of developers DO NOT have precedence over OURS: the #residents, the #smallbusiness owners, the #artists. i know that if we lose 411 new york avenue ne, it will require another 20+ years to regain a space like this in dc. the energy cannot be lost! we have to take a stand. we are the community who are being fed by @mousaihouse, by #unionartsdc, by @nomadyard and all. i am on the ground floor of that building. i will not leave. not for ego or frivolous ideals but because we create to nourish, to fill a need and we earn our spaces. none of this has been easy. the stories that fill 411 must be heard through this city. we can use that space to show our collective voice.
join us on saturday, november 14th from 4p-8p for a discussion on space. all are welcome to share their need for space. expect dialogue x high vibrational sounds by @underdogthedj x @txnykill x @jamnopeanut x more..... all welcome. follow > @agentrifieddc > #agentrifieddc x #iwillnotbemoveddc #rp

I included some links below for those who wish to learn more about these groups. All of the articles are recent, but artists have been working out of that building for a very long time.

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