Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Trinidad's Bodega Market Adds Liquor Sales

Version 3 
The new window was being installed on Saturday

Trinidad's Bodega Market (1136 Florida Avenue, just off Montello) has been selling beer and wine for a while, but recently got an A license that allows them to also sell liquor. Sales started on Saturday, and when I visited they were in the process of installing a second window to facilitate these sales. Bodega entered into a Settlement Agreement with ANC 5D that prohibits them from selling single beers. A neighbor told me he saw a man, who appeared to be intoxicated, leave the store disgruntled because the employees refused to sell him a single beer. 

Bodega Market's main sales window

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poo poo's concubine thrice removed said...

...yay? on a side note, that bullet proof glass looks astonishly bright and shiny! maybe they could also supplement their income by trying to be featured on a windex ad or something.

it's so crystal clear. they clearly put a lot of effort into keeping it spotless. kudos to a well kept business that is clearly a leader in supporting the "broken windows" criminological theory, on all levels!

serously. just look at that gorgeous bullet proof glass! i wish my windows could look that sparkly!