Thursday, November 05, 2015

WaPo Covers Development in Ivy City

Joseph A. Magnus Distillery recently opened at 2052 W. Virginia Avenue

The Washington Post recently ran an article on Ivy City calling it "The next cool D.C. neighborhood you have never heard of." Certainly all of us around here are familiar with Ivy City. Chances are you've been up to the MOM's Organic Market (1501 New York Avenue), or one of the new breweries or distilleries. Maybe you've even taking a screenprinting class at Open Studio DC (1135 Okie Street). The article also digs into gentrification and displacement concerns among residents and businesses.


Anonymous said...

Doug Jemal is such a tool.

Anonymous said...

"To put this into trite perspective so you’d understand, because you’re not a developer, CityCenter is approximately 10 acres,” he says. “We’re 30 acres. This is three times the size of CityCenter."

LOL!!! I'm sure the interviewer would not be able to understand in any other terms. No non developer could understand in any other way.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand 30/10 = 3. "Are these magic numbers???"

Explain using common core please

pat said...

I know Doug Jemal personally.
While i've never done business with him, he's always been willing to hear out ideas
and treat them cordially.
As a city, we should be grateful to Doug, he has rebuilt numerous landmark properties
and preserved essential parts of the character.
Given many developers will raze property to the ground, and build forgettable
cubes with 25 year lives, Doug has taken beautiful 100 year old properties, renovated them
and helped beautify the city.