Tuesday, January 05, 2016

ANC 5D Meeting 1/12

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 7.09.34 AM
Screenshot of a video by Edward Milton

Don't miss the first ANC 5D meeting of the year. It takes place Tuesday, January 12th. The meeting starts at 7pm and will be held at the 5th District police station (1805 Bladensburg Road). I do not yet have an agenda for the meeting, but the bylaws do specify that ANC 5D hold new officer elections in January of each year.


I do know that the two zoning matters listed below will be on the agenda:

  • BZA Application No.19168 located at 1258 Holbrook Terrace NE; BZA Hearing scheduled Feb 2, 2016
  • BZA Application No.19173 located at 1264 Holbrook Terrace NE; BZA Hearing scheduled Feb 9, 2016


curmudgeon said...

I'm curious whether your recent City Paper editorial/article will impact the meeting in any way: whether there'll be someone present from the Post; whether there'll be folks who wouldn't otherwise go, present out of curiosity; whether any of the interactions between SMD reps will change in any way.

It's like a reality show.

inked said...

We'll see. I think it's been pretty clear for several months that Henderson is unlikely to walk out of the upcoming meeting as chair. I also know that a special guest, or two, was already planning to attend. I think the upcoming meeting will likely have a larger than normal crowd, but I think that will be largely due to the vote, rather than to the article. I'm always happy to see more people take an interest in ANC affairs. Fingers crossed for a bright 2016 for ANC 5D.

Anonymous said...

Waiting to see when / if an agenda is released before this meeting. There are so many ways this meeting could go. I hope it is brighter for ANC5D this year. Aside from the vote there are other zoning issues coming up that need action from ANC at this meeting. Fingers crossed it is not business as usual (where most business doesn't get done).

Anonymous said...

This is bound to be a shit show.

Anonymous said...

What if she doesn't show and there is no agenda? Or no election on the Henerson agenda? Isn't there some requirement that the meeting agenda has to be posted a week in advance?

inked said...

This meeting has been properly noticed. That means that as long as ANC 5D has a quorum they can elect new officers and vote on any other binding business. I don't believe there's any requirement that ANCs post agendas ahead of time, though it is certainly desirable that they do so to enable everyone to properly prepare for meetings. There is a requirement that they specify topics for special meetings. If there is no agenda, or the agenda provided does not include officer elections, I expect other commissioners to request that such an election be added to the agenda.

My hope is that this meeting is conducted in an orderly manner without some of the drama that has plagued many previous meetings. Drama free and efficient meetings may be less exciting to blog about, but they will ultimately be in the best interest of our community and all involved.