Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Last Night's ANC 5D Meeting [UPDATED]


Advisory Neighborhood Commission ANC 5D held its January meeting (including election of new officers) last night. It was a calm meeting without the drama that has too often marked these meetings. Let's hope this is a new trend for 2016 and beyond.

Here are the new officers for 2016:

  • Chair Adam Roberts
  • Vice Chair Bernice Blacknell
  • Treasurer Keisha Shropshire
  • Secretary Yvonne Buggs

There's video of the meeting from Edward Milton. Nick Russo was on hand to record audio of the meeting for his Ward 5 Archive project. The audio for this meeting is not yet online.

I added the video above, and also added a bunch of info to the Storify feature below. Check it out!


Anonymous said...

So is the ANC going to try to find meeting space within ANC 5D? Or is that too drastic of a move so soon?

Anonymous said...

I asked that question after the meeting as well. Attend the next meeting and bring it up (please). There seemed to be a rush to finish items at the end of the meeting and they did not consider that but it would be good for people inside 5D to hold meetings somewhere in the neighborhood.

inked said...

12:56 & 5:43,
I know that is on the list of things to do sooner rather than later. My suggestion is to send an email if you feel strongly about the issue. You might want to describe the general area in which you live, & any particular reasons you feel it is important to move the meetings. If there is a particular location you think they should move to, you could include that as well. In this case (but not necessarily in others) I think you could send the email to your own commissioner, and CC either the officers, or all of the other commissioners. I am suggesting this because it is an issue that impacts everyone in ANC 5D.

Anonymous said...

Questions for the community in case someone reading this thread is thinking about running for the 5D05 seat in November:

Now that the 5D05 Commissioner is no longer the Chair is there still interest in a new 5D05 Commissioner this November?

What kind of assistance/support would a new candidate for 5D05 Commissioner expect to get from those who would like to see this change?

Are there any local papers or blogs that would give such a candidate exposure?

Do you have any advice for someone thinking about running? Should they start running soon? What tactics should be used? etc.