Friday, January 29, 2016

Nando's Peri Peri to Celebrate 2/13-2/14 Opening Weekend by Supporting the Atlas [UPDATE: DELAYED. New Date TBD]



The opening has been delayed due to construction hold ups. New opening weekend TBD.

Nando's Peri-Peri (411 H Street) will begin serving up their Mozambican/Portuguese style flame-grilled peri peri chicken very soon. Nando's will launch the weekend of February 13th and 14th (11am to 10pm) with a show of goodwill and generosity. Not only will their first two days of service  be "pay what you want" (RSVP for groups of up to four), but 100% of what you choose to pay will go to support community programs at the Atlas Performing Arts Center (1333 H Street). They've even come up with a special Twitter hashtag (@NandosUSA) for the occasion (#NandosforAtlas).

If you haven't been to the Atlas recently you might not know about all the cool stuff they have going on. They recently became home to the acclaimed Mosaic Theater Company of DC, and February 26th through March 6th the Atlas will host the annual Intersections Arts Festival. Intersections offers something for everybody, with performances including spoken word, dance, live music, and even aerial acrobatics (kid friendly performances too).

Nando's will also run a special Nando's trolley during its opening weekend that will ferry riders (free of charge) between Nando's and the Atlas, with an additional stop at 9th and H Street. Those who wish to do so can sign up for Nando's mailing list and receive "a treat" (I'm assuming this is a coupon or voucher) when they open.

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Anonymous said...

Boycott Nandos-->Support Local Businesses! not corporate franchises

Anonymous said...

Such as CVS, Giant, Popeyes, 7-11, the soon to be Whole Foods, Petco, and Starbucks. Right? If you want to discuss further, call me on your iPhone (

-Near Northeast Nando's Fan

Anonymous said...

But the building is owned by a local who lives above Giant. Support local owners.

Anonymous said...

Most of us can eat Nando's and support local businesses.

Anonymous said...

Nandos was a local business at some point in time, somewhere. Last time I checked, we live in a capitalist society. If your store/restaurant isn't good or run properly, or what the community wants/needs, then it won't be supported. Hence the closing of many places on H in recent years. Those closings didn't necessarily happen because of chains stores. Survival of the fittest. Can't wait for Nando's to open.

Anonymous said...

The local businesses on H st are simply too expensive for what they offer along with poor service. I can't stand tipping the waiter who forgets my order or forgets to bring me water or disclose that 2/3rds of the menu is actually not available. I'm glad to see professional shops show up. Local should try catering to locals instead of themselves.

Anonymous said...

Nando's is not particularly cheap. I'm curious about what places you consider expensive that don't have 2/3s of their menu. I just haven't found that to be the case. I was actually impressed about the business response to the snow storm. Several of them were open, and had food. During the big storm a few years ago, only the Argonaut was open, and I was very greatful for that burger then too.

inked said...

By my memory a fair number of places were open for Snowmageddon. A bunch of them ran show drink specials. The issue was that trucks couldn't get through to make food deliveries, so food menus were either short, or non-existent many places. Places were running out of food and even certain kinds of drink. I feel like H Street did much better than most parts of the District if you measured success by the number of places open during the storm.I found an old what's open post that I wrote February 6, 2010 and it lists 11 places on/near H Street as being open:

the Argonaut,
Rock and Roll Hotel,
H Street Country Club - food from taqueria menu only,
Doctor Granville's,
the Pug,
Sticky Rice,
the Red and the Black,
Palace of Wonders,
Little Miss Whiskey's,
Jimmy Valentine's Lonely Hearts Club