Thursday, January 14, 2016

Vendetta Changes Owners & Will Become a Brew-Pub


Vendetta, (1212 H Street) H Street bocce bar and tavern has new owners. Teddy Folkman (of Granville Moore's fame) and Adam Cox (of Maison-Dixon Hot Chicken) have joined forces with Joe Englert and Jimmy Silk (Capitol Lounge and H Street Country Club) to remake it as a brew-pub.
According to a press release:

For the time being, the restaurant will continue business as usual, but the new owners have plans to transition the space into a brewpub later this year with a menu centered around Cox’s Maison-Dixon Hot Chicken concept. In the meantime, Chef Folkman is returning to the kitchen with a revamped menu of “Long Island Red Sauce” dishes that launches this week.

Folkman said “It’s great to be back in a kitchen on H Street." Adding that “Big changes are on their way, but for now, we’re just having fun cooking dishes I’ve been eating or making since childhood.”

Vendetta will run a “Lady & the Tramp” Valentine's Day special menu for two. The tavern will continue to hold events like their popular ASL Trivia Night.

The Washington City Paper has more details on the plans.

Chef Teddy Folkman tweeted the menu photo above


Anonymous said...

hopefully they will open as a burlesque venue also brew pub/ stripper parlour sounds plausible and red palace was great

Anonymous said...

Should have kept Red Palace, the last unique bar in the area.

Catherine said...

Totally agree Red Palace was my favorite place on H Street and so unique!! I hope the new owners try to channel/return to some of that uniqueness too!

Anonymous said...

agreed. red palace gave the neighborhood some good character.

Anonymous said...

I liked this place. Normal food, the bocce ball was fun. I would have gone there a lot more often if they opened up a little but earlier in the day.

Anonymous said...

Its been a while since Palace of Wonders. The novelty that wore off is probably worn back on again. Most people around here probably never even saw it the first time. Bring it back

oboe said...

Amazing that spaghetti with sauce plus bocce ball didn't equal $$$. Knock me over with a feather.

Anonymous said...

i want a place that does not take reservations. Serves expensive small plates. Is not vegan or gluten free. Does not allow children. No one with a DC license only new arrivals and interns and let Kathy Henderson be the hostess with mock ANC meetings on Wednesdays.

I would pay to ride the streetcar to go to a place like that

Ron said...

I was recently at Vendetta...hopefully they change everything about this place except for the bartenders/servers. The service is honestly great. What's not great are the complete d*cks who come to h street looking to start fights. And of course the bouncers who then insinuate said fights by pushing people out the door towards their aggressors.