Sunday, February 28, 2016

ANC 5D06 SMD Meeting 3/3 to Discuss Trinidad Market Liquor License Application


ANC Commissioner Yvonne Buggs will hold an SMD (Single Member District) meeting March 3rd to discuss a liquor license application from Trinidad Market. Trinidad Market (AKA Mike's Market, 1322 Florida Ave) has applied for a Retailer Class A liquor license that would allow them to sell, beer, wine, and liquor. Trinidad Market has had some issues in past (including allegations of sales of synthetic marijuana, sales of novelty roses in tubes that can do double duty as crack pipes, and sales of multiple varieties of pocket electronic scales), but the Market changed owners last summer. One neighbor did tell me that she visited the store after it changed owners and witnessed individuals in the customer section of the shop (that does not currently sell alcohol) consuming alcohol.

ANC 5D is currently protesting the application. As part of the protest process, representatives for the store are currently in negotiations with ANC 5D for a settlement agreement that would place restrictions on the license. Please come to this meeting and share your thoughts on the license application. MPD will also present a public safety update for the area.

What: ANC 5D06 SMD meeting on a liquor license application for Trinidad Market
Where: Joe Cole Rec (1299 Neal Street)
When: 7pm Thursday March 3rd
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Tom said...

Honestly, give the people what they want. If they can't get crack pipes from a reputable dealer like Trinidad Market, they will be left with procuring them on the streets. Why is it ok to have a needle exchange program but not clean crack pipes? Is it because Heroin is a white drug and crack a black drug?

curmudgeon said...

When did *every* post of Tom's become a trolling attempt?