Monday, February 08, 2016

Introducing the Big Board Runners


The Big Board (421 H Street) just became the latest H Street spot to get its own running club. The Big Board Runners will meet every Wednesday at 6:30pm. The group welcomes runners of all skill levels. Routes are typically between 3 and 6 miles long.

Other local running clubs (feel free to add to this list in the comments):
  • Argonaut Running Club
    • Meets at the Argonaut (1433 H Street) Fridays at 6pm for runs of 2, 4, and 6 miles. The restaurant offers post-run drink specials.
  • H Street Runners
    • These guys aren't tied to a particular business. They just like to run. The group doesn't do regularly scheduled runs, but various events about twice a month that involve running. Think runs followed by socializing at a happy hour or over brunch.
  • Maketto Running Squad
    • Meets outside Maketto (1351 H Street) at 9am on Sundays. Routes are roughly 3 miles.


Ann said...

How do these sorts of things work with runners at different levels? Do people split up or does everyone run at the slowest pace?

Anonymous said...

Not sure about these clubs, but Federal City Runners tries to accommodate runners of all paces...although it can depend on the turnout. They can split up and and run at different paces. If you're new, they will make you feel welcome.

Jesse said...

Who is organizing the H Street Mile where all these different running gangs can duke it out for dominance?

Adam Siple said...

I can only speak for H Street Runners. We, too, do our best to accommodate runners of all ability levels. Our weeknight runs are designed to be on the slower side (think "fun run") in an effort to allow folks to meet and chat with other runners. And we don't go more than 3-4 miles on those. We will cover more ground on a Saturday run, usually 6-8 miles, and we often have faster folks with us on weekends.
We also encourage folks to network with other runners in the group. A number of members have found running partners or met folks to run with, train with in the neighborhood.

ArgoRubClub said...

Welcome to the running club scene, Big Board! At Argo Run Club, most people opt for the 2 miler through the neighborhood and sometimes a small number will do the 4 miler. We have a good mix of experience, from recreational runners to people who compete on the regular. Afterwards we gather at the patio bar or the upstairs bar for extended happy hour. 5 runs gets you an official Argo Run Club shirt!
We've also done races as a team, hosted a beer mile on New Year's Day, and had a Runner Appreciation Night at the Argonaut last November. We plan on running the Capitol Hill Classic again in May as well as the North Face Endurance Challenge in April. We've grown into a solid community over the past year. Come on out and join us, every Friday at 6!

ArgoRunClub said...

^obviously the should say ArgoRunClub...RubClub is something else