Friday, February 12, 2016

Streetcars to Carry Passengers by March?


WAMU and the Washington Post are reporting that the streetcar has cleared another major safety hurdle, and is pretty much ready to roll with passengers as soon as February 26th. The news comes via a letter from D.C. Fire and EMS indicating that "to date, all potential hazards and vulnerabilities have been eliminated or reduced to the lowest practical level through engineering, procedural, managerial, and training measures implemented by the DDOT staff."


Anonymous said...

Finally, I'll be able to Boundary Rd and The Pug in the same night. I can probably also go to CVS. I don't know... I don't know if I'll have enough time

Anonymous said...

well. as terrible as it was planned and executed, one thing is for sure: h street has been revitalized, and that was the main purpose

pat said...

well, We will know it's approved when Bowser schedules a big event....

If the City is serious though about the Streetcar, we will see some changes.

1) X9 will add stops at 4 St NE and 26TH st NE so you can convert from the X9 to Streetcar.

2) X9 will drop the 19th St and maybe the 14th street stops.

3) X2 drops about half or more of it's stops on H St and Benning

4) MPD puts some serious police assets into keeping lowlifes from wrecking the stops/streetcars. That's going to be
a level of policing equivalent to WMATA Police. Visibility and response and swift enforcement.

Anonymous said...

"MPD puts some serious police assets into keeping lowlifes from wrecking the stops/streetcars"

yes, i'm afraid the streetcar will be as shitty as the X2.

we shall see. that would really be the shitty icing on the streetcar cake.

fatty said...

I'll take the over again.

Anonymous said...

I hope to see how the streetcar runs during the next snowstorm

pat said...

1) The Streetcar had trouble in the Blizzard. So did metro.

2) DDot could get streetcar conductors who keep the passengers in line.