Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Do You Recognize this Cat?

Reader photo of a cat found on Wylie Street Tuesday night

A reader writes in about a cat currently vacationing at a house on Wylie Street. Neighbors encountered the feline Tuesday night, taking it to Atlas Vet the very next day to scan for a microchip. Unluckily, there was no microchip to be found. The reader points out that though its ear is clipped as a stray, "this cat has clearly been well cared for in its life, and should go back to its home." She notes that the cat is "[v]ery friendly, likes to purr, loves being inside," and explains that one of the "neighbors is graciously fostering it but can't keep it forever, so [they would] love to find its owner quickly! 202-598-5374 or 202-681-2342."

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pat said...

friendly cat, that's good luck....