Sunday, March 06, 2016

Kojo Namdi to Host Upcoming Panel Discussion at Calvary Episcopal Church

mano abierta
Mano Abierta by Flickr user Quiero un Pantano

Radio personality Kojo Namdi will host and moderate an upcoming panel discussion titled "Young Black Males: An Endangered Species?" on Saturday March 19th (10:30am-2pm) at Calvary Episcopal Church (820 6th Street). This event is free and open to the public.


Anonymous said...

It is our responsibility to protect and preserve the endangered species we should act as a caretaker of this planet. Our children should look back with pride and say that we protected and preserved those that would have wasted away without our protection and guidance.

poo to the poo said...

odd title for a discussion. first thing i thought of were endangered species in the wild. how did "we" fix that? simple. breeding.

i think they need to further define "young black males".

then, they need to define what threats and opportunities exist for the species.

the title is just so.... confusing.

i had no idea that young black males were an endangered species. i see more of them on my block than i do of young black females.... or maybe they're not endangered? speaking of which, there are two young black females on my street that are definitely out of harm's way - they're at home, one 7 and the other 8 months pregnant.

the whole "discussion" strikes me as very odd and sort of lopsided.

but then again, what isn't? it's the promotion for this event, and its turnout that will be the ultimate decider of whether or not this will be just a lot of noise, or a true discussion of why young black males are endangered, and what plan of action we can implement to keep the species successfully propagating.