Monday, March 28, 2016

Local News Round Up: Arts $, Vinyl, Halal, & Murals

Version 2

Mosaic theater Company of DC, which is based out of the Atlas Performing Arts Center (1333 H Street) has been awarded a million dollar grant ($250k a year for four years) by the Reva and David Logan Foundation. The Washington Post has more details. Mosaic is a new theater company with an experienced team, and a commitment to "making powerful, transformational, socially-relevant art."

Crooked Beat Records (currently of Adams Morgan) could be headed our way. In a Facebook post the owner indicated that the store would likely relocate soon, and mentioned H Street as a possible new home. Crooked Beat specializes in new and used hard to find and indie vinyl.

PoPville revealed that the NYC based Halal Guys are headed to 814 H Street.

Graffiti and tattoo artist Mister Cartoon (Mark Marchado) was recently in from LA and he painted a mural on the side of DTLR (902 H Street).

Trinidad based filmmaker Kasey Kirby made a documentary called The Nomadic Who? on DC broomball team the Nomadic Horde, and it premieres Tuesday, April 5th at 7:30pm at the E Street Cinema. Tickets are $15.


pat said...

well if we get a record shop i hope they move to Benning rd.

curmudgeon said...

What does it mean to refer to art as "transformational"?

Not trying to be snarky -- I really honestly do not know what that means.

Anonymous said...

Mosaic tends to do a lot of conflict resolution work, and its not goody, goody two shoes stuff either. Their characters can be confrontational and combative. I think transformational refers to that.

curmudgeon said...

Thanks, but I still don't know what it means. Maybe I'm slow (wouldn't be the first time). I presume "transformational" suggests something is being transformed -- what? The plays? The audience? The world? From what to what?

inked said...

I'm going to agree with everything 7:54 said. I think the plays are meant to change and shape people's ideas, or at least to get them thinking a little more deeply about tough topics.

Rajiv Patnam said...

Halal Guys?! White sauce galore! Winning!

curmudgeon said...

inked: so by "transformational", what they mean is that the opinions of the audience will be transformed?

Steve Davis said...

FYI Kasey Kirby also made this fantastic documentary about food trucks and hot dog carts in DC. Started it well before the massive influx of food trucks a few years ago. Highly recommend checking it out:

inked said...

Or maybe just the way the audience thinks about something. Honestly, I don't have access to the secret answer on this one.

Anonymous said...


Maybe you should just go to one of the Mosaic plays and ask them. They have plenty of discussion panels after their plays, and many opportunities to meet the playwrights and producers.