Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Stabbing in the 1300 Block of Florida [UPDATED]

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A person was stabbed in the 1300 block of Florida Avenue early this morning. Here's the alert that went out at 12:50am this morning: "Stabbing at 0006 hrs in the 1300 blk of Florida Ave. N.E. . No Lookout given CALL 911 W/ EVENT #." This is on the southern border of Trinidad, but I'm not sure on which side of the street this took place.


Hill Now reports that a woman was arrested for stabbing a man, and that the man police got a call at 12:06am regarding a stabbing and emergency personnel arrived to find the victim conscious. Wondering why that bit is crossed out above? It turns out that MPD had mistakenly given Hill Now the information related to a domestic dispute on Florida Avenue in NW.


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Some people go to couple's counseling,
Some people go to divorce court,
Some just get right to the stabbing....