Monday, April 04, 2016

It's Girls Pint Out at Whiskey's 4/14


The 2nd annual DC Metro Girls Pint Out (for women who love craft beer) takes place April 14th (7pm-9pm) at Little Miss Whiskey's (1104 H Street) Ticket are $15, which gets you six tastings of beers paired with cookies.

Here's the details:

  • Chocolate covered mint cookies w/ Flying Dog Mint Julep Ale
  • Chocolate covered peanut butter cookies w/ Flying Dog Counter Culture
  • Vanilla cookies w/ caramel & coconut w/ Port City Colossal V
  • Lemon cookies w/ powdered sugar w/ Port City Optimal Wit
  • Oatmeal/peanut butter sandwich cookies w/ DC Brau PILS
  • Shortbread cookie w/ toffee bits w/ DC Brau Penn Quarter Porter

(3-4 oz. pour of each beer)


Anonymous said...

Hmm ... I feel like a beer and cookies promo is a bit awkward for Ol' Miss Whiskey's these days.

Anonymous said...

Before women in the neighborhood give LMW any additional business, they may want to check this story out: not very woman friendly if you ask me! might be a good opportunity to teach them a lesson and boycott their "Girls" night.

Anonymous said...

After their ridiculous treatment of a nursing mom, I certainly won't be going to LMW's for Girls Night Out ... or any other night for that matter. They unnecessarily embarrassed and singled-out a nursing mother of twins who just wanted to relax and have some fun with her girlfriends. The idea that she couldn't take her freshly pumped milk (which is GOLD for a nursing mother) and was told she was not allowed to bring in her pump is absurd and defies all logic.

Unknown said...

Update from Little Miss Whiskey’s:

“* Marc (the “bouncer”) never said “No disrespect for your condition, but this is a bar. Why would you bring that here? It’s weird.” That statement was made by someone on the sidewalk not related to the business (details re: Marc below).

* Gregg (the “manager”) was polite. He was apologetic in his attempts to explain policy. He was never “hostile”. He offered to keep the milk safe behind the bar (yes, “safe”, because contrary to evident suspicions we do not harbor any desire to tamper with someone’s breast milk (details re: Gregg below)).

* Our business licenses are common. Those licenses prohibit outside alcohol being brought in by patrons. Any kind of liquid can have alcohol in it. It is not up to us to interpret either the law or what the contents of any liquid are, and, sadly, there is no end to the nonsense patrons will attempt in order to bring their own alcohol into an establishment (yes, in a shampoo bottle, and that’s exactly why bags are checked, and exactly why we adhere to rigid policy).

* ABRA regularly sends undercover persons into liquor-licensed establishments to check on whether their laws are being enforced. That’s their job. It is our job to enforce those laws so the business doesn’t get fined or shut down, as well as so employees don’t lose their jobs.
There is no way for an employee to *know* what bizarre circumstance calls for an exception. Therefore, there are no exceptions.

* After the woman who wrote this letter to PoP (and also sent in her one-star review on Yelp) screamed at Gregg “YOU WILL NEVER HAVE ANOTHER WOMAN IN THIS BAR AGAIN AFTER TODAY”, a nearby person on the sidewalk said “oh bitch go protest somewhere else”. I write this because I anticipate she will levy more false allegations, and I want to make it clear that neither Gregg nor Marc made any comments that were embarrassing to the woman with the breast milk or her “friends”, much less rude or mean-spirited. No other employees were involved in this situation. If someone made an ugly remark, it was not an employee of LMW.

* I could attempt to placate all those concerned by publicly apologizing for how Marc and Gregg handled the situation, but I will not throw them under the bus. Allegations that they were rude, or impolite, or tried to embarrass anyone, are simply untrue. The “friends” of the woman with the breast milk made the situation loud and embarrassing, and Marc and Gregg remained composed even as the women screamed at them. I know I risk further public outrage by stating that I am very proud of how they handled the situation, but they were stuck with an impossible and bizarre circumstance in the middle of the busiest night of the week, and I am genuinely heartbroken to see their respective characters so wrongly called into question like this.

* I encourage anyone to please come meet Marc and Gregg (who happen to be brothers). Marc checks ID’s (and your bags) every Friday and Saturday night. I am certain you will immediately realize that he is a soft-spoken man who does not make incendiary comments, much less even raise his voice. As one friend commented about this situation, “Marc doesn’t talk like that”. Gregg bartends every Monday and Wednesday night. He regularly works weekends as well. I am certain you will find him polite and positive, just as he has been since he began working with us four years ago. This is one of the many reasons he has the keys to the business and is a signor on its checking account.

* Lastly, I know Marc’s and Gregg’s mother is an impressively accomplished woman- in both business and family- for whom they have tremendous respect. She raised her sons to treat people with respect, which I know because they have spoken of it and because they act like it.

Most sincerely,

Mark Thorp, owner”

Anonymous said...

You are still calling this a "bizarre circumstance" - you still don't really get it. Having to pump milk and carry it with you isn't bizarre.

I also doubt she thought you would tamper with her breast milk behind the bar but she feeds that to her baby - She wasn't going to let it out of her sight.

And I get that there are two sides to a story but either way as a business owner - you should start with, I'm sorry that a customer had a bad experience (whether it was your fault or not, whether you think your are eri or not). Your response doesn't really express that - even though I am sure you feel that way.

inked said...

The statement from Little Miss Whiskey's owner Mark Thorp is now up as its own post (I couldn't post it earlier as I was still in the office).