Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Local News Brief: Demo in Ivy City, House of Pain's New Wheels, & Ninja Training

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 7.09.22 AM
Demo work following a partial wall collapse at the former Pappas Tomato Packing Plant. 
Photo courtesy of Instagram user ivycitydc

The May 15th sudden partial collapse of a wall at the former site of the Pappas Tomato Packing Plant (now slated for redevelopment as retail space and a coffee roastery) led to speculation among some locals as to whether plans to preserve the building during its redevelopment would change. One thing's for sure, the portion of the building near the collapse site is coming down. You can read more about the redevelopment plans in previous coverage of the collapse.

The famously hardworking firefighters at the House of Pain (1342 Florida Avenue, Engine Company 13 and Truck Company 10), have a new Truck 13 in service. According to www.dcfd.com it's a 2016 Spartan Gladiator tiller truck.

CrossFit DC (1365 H Street) is offering a two hour "Ninja Training Seminar" Sunday, June 5th. It's free for members of the gym, but you have to sign up. The class, which will focus on several areas, will be taught by one of the gym's coaches who is apparently an actual ninja in training.


le pooty poo said...

Here's a link to a quick/older NPR story about our little house of pain... Story

inked said...

Le pooty poo,
That's the same link from the post ;)

De poot de poot said...

Oopsy daisy. Sorry for the superfluous redundancy. Wait, what? Lol

Doug said...

What exactly do you mean an actual ninja? Should someone alert the secret service?

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