Thursday, July 21, 2016

Lost Cat? Outdoor Pet? Street Cat?


A reader writes in wondering whether the friendly cat he encountered at 11th and H Street is a lost pet, an outdoor house cat with no collar, or a stray or "community" cat.


J-Star said...

This looks a lot like my indoor cat--is it possible to get the poster's contact information? I live in the area and am at work right now but am concerned my cat somehow could have gotten out.

inked said...

The photo is from yesterday morning, so if you have seen your cat since then you are good. If not, shoot me an email at Elise.bernard[@] and I'll connect you two.

Anonymous said...

I've seen this cat a bunch! I've also seen it get fed by two different houses, one on G and one on 11th.

DT said...

If you're really worried, take it to Atlas Vet and have them scan for a microchip. If the cat seems to be well-fed and used to people, then it might just be an outdoor cat that lost/escaped its collar.