Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Craft Beer Cellar Grand Opening August 6th


This past weekend I got a sneak peek at the new Craft Beer Cellar (301 H Street), and chatted with owner Erika Goedrich. Goedrich told me that CBC will stock around 500 to 600 different beers at any given time, and that stock will rotate frequently. The store aims to be your go-to spot for everything from a summery gose, to a hopped up American IPA, a deep double chocolate stout, a crisp pilsner, or a tart Flemish red. That huge selection is broken down by country to help you navigate. The American beers are further organized by region, which is terrific if you are looking to try a new beer from a brewer you favor. Over in the fridge section the beers are arranged by style.


They have a modest selection of gluten free beers, ginger beers, ciders, wines, hard liquors, and liqueurs. The hard liquors and liqueurs are all either locally produced (like Republic Restoratives CIVIC Vodka or Jos. A Magnus Bourbon) or products from brewers who also distill. Shoppers will also find a small variety of food products, which generally will either be locally produced (like Jerkface Jerky) or condiments and other products made with beer (think mustards and bar-b-que sauces).


Plans call for the shop to have regular tastings, multiple times a week once they really get up and running. Those who find themselves overwhelmed by the abundant selection should take comfort in the fact that the shop offers mixed packs that buyers can assemble (a terrific excuse to try something new, or explore different varieties from a favored brewer). Within mixed packs the cans and bottles are individually priced. but the store’s ABRA settlement agreement with the local ANC Because the store is located in Ward 6, which bans single sales,* you'll have two buy at least two bottles or cans at a time. That shouldn’t be hard, and you can always look to the shop’s style of the month for inspiration. Failing that, don't be afraid to ask the staff for help. Right now they are all either certified Cicerone level 1, or working towards that goal.  Goedrich is currently aiming for level 2.


Beer geeks (or those who aspire to the mantle) can sign up for CBC’s Beer of the Month Club, which is available at two different price levels and kicks off in September.


  • Twelve - Small Bottles (9.3 - 12oz)
  • Three - Large Bottles (12.7oz - 25.4oz)
  • You pay, we choose, what could be better than that?
  • $57.95 a month


  • Same as above, but half the size . . . 
  • Six - Small Bottles
  • Two - Large
  • $32.95 a Month


Craft Beer Cellar will have its grand opening Saturday, August 6th at 10 a.m. The first fifty customers will take home a goody bag, and the store will offer tastings from local brewers DC Brau, Union Craft, and Adroit Theory. This will be the first Craft Beer Cellar in the D.C. area, but there are now 24 of them around the country. Each location is independently owned and operated.

*A commissioner from a nearby ANC kindly pointed out to me that in this case it is the Ward 6 singles ban that actually does this, rather than the settlement agreement with ANC 6C (which does not appear to contain a provision banning singles sales). Sorry about that, I should have checked the agreement first.

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