Monday, August 15, 2016

D.C. Streetcar Rolls Out New Tool Highlighting Local Spots


The streetcar folks have rolled out a pretty cool guide to local attractions along H Street and Benning Road. It's organized by streetcar stop for easy and practical navigation.


Annoyingmous said...

Never mind that, what's the KH/Anwar Saleem story that someone referred to? Anyone have an executive summary? I need my ration of news about local crazy!

Anonymous said...


Just watch this:

She is pissed that Anwar's org has planned events at Starburst Plaza (like Art All Night that she always works to shut down) and SHE WAS NOT CONSULTED. OMFG. Someone did something that she was not a part of approving.

Annoyingmous said...

Thanks Anon 2:18. So she believes that she has veto power over activities at the Starburst Plaza because it's in her SMD, or something like that?

Anonymous said...

@11:35. That is what the situation seems to be.

Anonymous said...

I can walk on crutches down H St. faster than the streetcar.