Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Video from the August 9th ANC 5D Meeting

Edward Milton uploaded video of the latest meeting

Here's the first video in a playlist showing the last ANC 5D meeting Unsurprisingly, public safety was a big topic of discussion. Commissioner Lewis again expressed concern that there is not always an officer representing each PSA present to deliver the public safety report. Commissioner Shropshire mentioned an emergency meeting she recently held with Councilmember McDuffie partly in response to recent crime (some neighbors objected on Twitter Nextdoor to the short notice of only a few hours).

Unfortunately, the sniping that often mars ANC 5D meetings was again present. I'll let people watch the video, but I bet you can guess the primary origin.
The Commission heard a follow-up presentation on Crossing the Street: Activating Ivy City. The speaker mentioned partnering with the informal group The Real Ivy City (#TheRealIvyCity) for flyering and other outreach, and Commissioner Lewis expressed that that group did not necessary represent everyone in Ivy City, and that it "rubs a lot of the longstanding residents the wrong way." She suggested the organizers work with local churches.

Towards the end of the meeting Anwar Saleem, of H Street Main Street, spoke about activities H Street Main Street is organizing at the Starburst Plaza. He spoke specifically about upcoming plans for Art All Night. This presentation touched a nerve with Commissioner Kathy Henderson (the Starburst Plaza falls within her SMD). Henderson and Saleem have clashed previously, and the Starburst is particular topic of contention for the two. The video below depicts Henderson lecturing Saleem following the meeting, accusing him of "disrespecting the elective process" and showing "disregard for the will of [her] community." She concluded by telling him "We're gonna shut you down, and send you back to Ward 6."


Anonymous said...

There is an election coming up in November. Get out and vote, people.

Anonymous said...

vote that henderson clown out of there!

Annoyingmous said...

"Send you back to Ward 6" -- which is to say, across the street.

No setbacks will ever reduce the degree to which she is full of herself.

Anonymous said...

When you here the ANC commissioner talk about her constituents and the things they care about it would make you think none of them want people to do nice things for them. Its almost like it is an insult to them that somebody would want to improve things anywhere near 5D.

Francis W. said...

It seems they spent most of the time talking about themselves and their roles instead talking about the community. The neighborhoods, street repairs, trash cans in the alleys etc,.

I would like to talk about helping the seniors in our community, or helping kids who are getting ready for school and don't have school supplies or cloths.

Where is the genuine respectful for our fellow man and woman. It's not just one person it's everybody.

"2016 5D Voted the worse ANC Commission"