Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Candidate Statement: Bernice Blacknell ANC 5D04

As a public service I am publishing candidate statements sent to me by those running for Advisory Neighborhood Commission seats. The statements are informational only, and should not be taken as endorsements. Statements may be lightly edited for formatting.

Candidate statement for Bernice Blacknell, who is running for re-election to the ANC 5D04 seat:

Bernice Picture

You can vote and make a difference! Re-elect Commissioner Bernice Blacknell to ANC 5D04.

Ms. Blacknell has been an advocate for the Langston Community. She has attended, and continues to attend every Langston Resident Council meeting. She has assisted the Langston Resident Council with issues and concerns regarding the DC Streetcar project. Ms. Blacknell, along with the Kingman Park Civic Association, was instrumental in getting Spingarn High School, Browne Education Campus, Phelps Vocational High School, and Charles Young Two Rivers Public Charter School designated as Historic Landmarks to preserve the "Schools on the Hill." She has assisted the Langston Resident Council with advocating for school neighborhood boundary inclusion of children who would like to attend, and do attend, Charles Young Two Rivers Public Charter School. She also volunteers at the Langston Community Food Bank, and assists with holiday events.

Commissioner Blacknell:
  • Supports Residents of Carver Terrace
  • Supports Residents of Langston Terrace Dwellings
  • Has been instrumental in getting Spingarn High School designated as a Historic Landmark in order to Preserve and Protect Spingarn
  • Has been instrumental to getting Browne, Phelps and Young Schools designated as Historic Landmarks in order to protect and preserve the "schools on the Hill"
  • Fights to get a Library and school for our children
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Anonymous said...

What is this persons party affiliation?

Anonymous said...

Why do you care?

inked said...

Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner is a non-partisan office.

Anonymous said...

All political offices are partisan. And it's quite naive of you to not realize that.