Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Candidate Statement: Stephanie Zimny ANC 6A06

As a public service I am publishing candidate statements sent to me by those running for Advisory Neighborhood Commission seats. The statements are informational only, and should not be taken as endorsements. Statements may be lightly edited for formatting.

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Statement from Stephanie Zimny, who is running for re-election as the commissioner for ANC 6A06:

Smart Advocacy for a Growing Community

Stephanie Zimny
ANC 6A06 Commissioner

The Northeast Capitol Hill neighborhood is an area rich in historic significance with a community of residents that makes it a truly special place to call home. There are a number of critical issues affecting the residents of the area including development, safety, litter reduction, and parking issues. Addressing the opportunities and challenges surrounding these and other important issues is the job of the ANC Commissioner.

As a resident and homeowner in the area, I have been honored to represent my fellow neighbors as the Commissioner for the Single Member District of 6A06 for the last two years.

During my time as Commissioner, I have worked with neighbors, developers and the city council on a wide variety of issues that have affected residents. I am running for a second term to continue the progress that has been made.

As a resident of Single Member District ANC 6A06, I’ve seen firsthand how important our ANC is to the community. I’ve worked with residents over the past years on numerous community issues in addition to serving on the Economic Development and Zoning Committee and the Miner Elementary School Local School Advisory Team.

I am honored to have the endorsements of Council Member Charles Allen, Former ANC 6A06 Commissioner Andrew Hysell, and Greater Greater Washington.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact me at stephaniezimnyanc6a[a]gmail.com


Anonymous said...

What is the party affiliation of this person? Republican?

Anonymous said...

@1:47: Great research question. Google it.

inked said...

Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner is a non-partisan position.

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Thanks for sharing candidate statement advisory neighborhood seats. Hope an eligible, experienced and best candidate should win the election.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate stephanie zimny's enthusiasm at meetings for the preservation of neighborhood architecture under our rapid development. We do need more accountability over the monstrosities that are being built not on H ST, but in the R4 areas. Please keep these developers in check. The latest on the 1000 block of 8th ST NE is gross and not up to current code.

Anonymous said...

Looks like this person is a REPUBLICAN.

Andrew Hysell said...

In my view, Stephanie Zimny works very hard to protect our interests as residents of 6A06. Specifically, Stephanie has prioritized constituent service and complaints, fighting for our interests before DC agencies. As a former Commissioner, I believe that having someone this committed in the role of Commissioner is not something to take for granted.

A good Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner is engaged and working for our interests even when we are not always aware. Stephanie embraces that role and our neighborhood benefits as a result.

A recent example of her work was at this month's Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) meeting. The DC Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) Director, Melinda M. Bolling, presented to the ANC about her role enforcing regulations meant to protect residents. It was a perfect opportunity for Stephanie to ask some specific questions about what steps DCRA was taking to help her constituents.

For some time now, Stephanie has been advocating on behalf of neighbors regarding two homes in 6A06 that are in a state of extreme disrepair. Vermin, including raccoons, infest the houses and the rear of one is falling over, threatening the safety of others. Stephanie has been requesting support from the City to enforce existing rules against the owner to remediate the buildings.

At October’s meeting, Director Bolling was asked by Stephanie about these two properties. The Director responded that the problem was “abated.” Stephanie immediately fired back that she had spoken with the neighbors days earlier, that the problems still existed and questioned the source of the Director’s information. The Director promised to look into the issue and address it. I have no doubt that Stephanie will follow up with the Director to ensure she delivers on that promise.

Having a Commissioner that not only attends meetings, but takes the time to talk to neighbors and stays on top of matters, is invaluable. Without this kind of dedication and follow through, an issue like this would have been papered-over and residents would have had little hope of a timely resolution.

The fact that Stephanie works this hard for all of us—as a volunteer-in the face of DC agencies that don’t always prioritize our interests is huge. For that reason, I hope you will join me in voting for Stephanie on November 8th.

Andrew Hysell