Thursday, November 03, 2016

Ivy City Partners Selected to Redevelop Crummell School Site

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A rendering from the Ivy City Partners proposal

The Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development has chosen Ivy City Partners (Stonebridge Carras, Jarvis Company and Ocean Pro Properties) as the team to redevelop Ivy City's Crummell School. The group's proposal was one of three submitted for the site through OurRFP. The development site is 108,000 square feet site, and includes the historic school and the adjacent parking lot located at 1900 Gallaudet St.

Here's a portion of the press release containing many more details:

Ivy City Partners’ proposal was the community’s number one choice as supported by Advisory Neighborhood Commission 5D. It met the community’s top preferences that the site be repurposed for community and public uses and offer industrial, retail, and job training opportunities while preserving the rich history of Crummell School. In meeting another community preference, the District will retain ownership of the school and provide the option for a community center including a day care, health clinic, culinary school, and recreational facility. In addition, Ivy City Partners has designated considerable interior space to be tailored for uses as determined by the community and District in the future. 

The school will be surrounded by community open space and include an urban garden, working farm, restaurant, and other commercial spaces. The site will also be lined by apartment and townhouse-style mixed-income housing facing Gallaudet and Okie Streets, NE. Profish, a District and Ivy City-based seafood company, will expand its operations from its nearby headquarters to a new industrial space on-site, and in the basement of the school for DC workforce training opportunities. In total, the project will provide 320 rental units from studios to two-bedroom units, including over 60 affordable units, 35,000 square feet of industrial space and 22,000 square feet of community-serving retail. 

“Our agency is grateful for the high level of engagement, involvement and interest from District residents in the development of Parcel 42 and Crummell School,” said Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development Brian Kenner. “We are excited about both development plans that will bring much needed jobs, housing, retail, dining and public space to the hearts of both of these communities.” 

Using the OurRFP process, DMPED held community meetings, public workshops, and online forums for each project to ensure the proposed developments met community needs and priorities. The process is intended to provide greater transparency as well as accountability for delivering public benefits through the Our RFP initiative. The District currently has two additional OurRFP projects - 1125 Spring Road, NW and Northwest One (1010-1024 North Capitol Street, NW and 33 K Street, NW) with more planned for 2017.

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is poo said...

so... we can expect to see the beginnings of some change in that area in 2027 or later? ten years from now actually seems a bit optimistic, sadly.