Thursday, December 08, 2016

Local News Brief: Ari's Diner (& Maybe DOCK FC) to Open Fri, City Dogs Opens, & Popeye's Renovates

Photo of Ari's Diner (from their Facebook page)

Twitter user @Eat_DC notes that Ari's Diner (2003 Fenwick St.) is set to open tomorrow in Ivy City, and sounds hopeful that nearby soccer bar Dock FC (1400 Okie St.) might join in the opening fun.

Ari's will offer a full traditional diner menu Tuesdays through Sundays from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. (breakfast and lunch). They will also have adult milkshakes. Dock FC will eventually serve Mexican food, but it appears to just be drinks for now (@Eat_DC tweeted a menu).

The Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen at 1226 H St. is currently closed for renovations. I'm not sure how long the renovations will take, but I can tell you that Crown Fried Chicken (716 H St.) offers some pretty fabulous fried chicken for take out (they also have limited seating).

District Cuisine points out that City Dogs is now open at 301 H St. City Dogs offers daycare, boarding, grooming, and training. They are associated with City Dogs Rescue.


Anonymous said...

City dogs sounds like a good business with a good cause. Never heard of it while it was opening. Nice surprise. Speaking of animals, now that weather is turning, cats (presuming stray) are approaching me at night more than usual. I am not carrying any food, maybe I do smell like I been in the Vic, there's also one hanging around my building at night always looking inside. I never really thought about how these things that have less fat and fur than dogs survive the winter. Are these things okay being left alone outside?

Rajiv Patnam said...

@12:22. I'm always tempted to put out food and water for some of these cats but if they are owned by someone if you feed them they'll be less likely to return home.

Anonymous said...

We have a pretty large complement of street kitties near us, and they all have various nooks and crannies they huddle away in for the winter. I've seen the same cats on our streets for years, so they winter just fine. (Once I called WHS on a cat who'd clearly been sleeping under some car hood for warmth and gotten nicked in the head by a fanbelt or something when the car was started. They patched him up and neutered him and clipped his ear, and he was put back on the street about a week later.) There are some people that feed them, and they presumably scavenge trash and catch rodents (of which we are also blessed with an abundance) to supplement their diet.

I've read that street cats are often most in need of drinkable water, especially when its below freezing, so that's one way to help them out. You can also make little insulated shelters out of some large plastic storage containers. Here's a list of cat shelter options, both store-bought and homemade:

Anonymous said...

Dock FC link does not go to their website

inked said...


Hmm, the link for for me. Maybe try it again?

pat said...

A box with a 40 Watt bulb inside it, rigged up with a little protection ( I used to use a jam jar and tape plus a bunch of straw makes a pretty good cat shelter. Our indoor outdoor cat just needed to spend about 10 hours a day outside.

The water thing is also important... Place a dark bowl where the sun hits it and it will tend to stay melted.

But fi street cats are approaching you they are cold/hungry and in the cold are burning 3X the calories they used to.

if you can take one in, you are doing it a big favor.