Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Local News Brief: Details on Stable, Wydown Opens, OSLO Celebrates Group Living

Ditto Residential's OSLO Atlas
A screenshot depicting OSLO Atlas from the website

The City Paper has more details on Stable, the new Swiss restaurant that will replace Ocopa at 1324 H St.

The Wydown coffee bar is now open at 600 H St. You can grab a coffee or espresso drink anytime, but they won't be serving anything boozy until next week. Their hours are 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The Washington Post takes a look at Ditto Residential's new project, OSLO. Unlike typical apartments, OSLO is built around the concept of shared living spaces. The building features eight units, each of which include five bedrooms. Within each unit every bedroom has its own bathroom, but the kitchen, and dining and living rooms are shared.

Ditto has an earlier OSLO project in Shaw that follows a similar idea (units have three to five bedrooms), and is apparently quite popular. According to the Post story, the Shaw building has a waiting list.

The Washington Post article says rents start at $1,100 for a room ($5,500 per unit). The first tenants should move in next month.


Anonymous said...

$1100 for a single room???

Anonymous said...

single room with bath. new construction. that is a very reasonable price.