Monday, March 27, 2017

Local Briefing: Boozy News & Korean Fried Chicken

Tacos at Fresca

Rosticeria Taqueria Fresca (701 H St.) is getting their liquor license. The restaurant entered into a settlement agreement with ANC 6C and a group of ten.

Jessica Sidman over at Washingtonian reports that distillery Cotton & Reed (1330 Fifth St.) is rolling out a new allspice dram that could be an interesting addition to your home bar. The release date is set for April 9, and the dram will set you back $35 a bottle at the store.

In non-boozy news, it looks like Korean fried chicken has arrived on H Street. Twitter user @theX2Bus tweeted two photos of Choong Man Chicken open in the old Khan's location at 1125 H St. Choong Man Chicken is a Korean franchise with an extensive menu of fried chicken.


Anonymous said...

Khan's closed? I feel like I walked past there a couple weeks ago and saw the same guy I always see working the grill. I made a mental note like "they must be treating him well cuz he has been working there forever". Hopefully he lands on his feet

inked said...


Based on this District Cusine post I'd say this sounds less like Khan's closing, as just changing concepts. Apparently they were still Khan's last night, but already had the new signs up. Post here.