Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Local Briefing: Glasses & Games, Natural Wine, & a Further Goodbye to the Argo

Grilled cheese and wine at the Pursuit

Show up tonight at the Star & Shamrock (1341 H St.) and between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. you can grab a pint of Guinness and get your name engraved on your glass for $8. Sounds like a great way to prep for Saint Patrick's Day to me.

Tonight is also Bingo Night at the Pursuit (1421 H St.), complete with prizes, and food and wine discounts.

Speaking of wine, the Washington City Paper has news of a new spot called Dio Wine Bar that will open at 904 H St. Dio will focus on natural wines, which generally means limited intervention in the natural growing process, and avoiding some additives later in the process that are often used to stabilize wine and create certain consistent results. They can be a little funkier, and also a bit cloudy.


In a bit of news that's likely to make many readers feel a little melancholy, Twitter user @Cekent noted that a professional crew appeared to be cleaning out the former home of the Argonaut (1433 H St.) yesterday. No word yet on future plans at the site.


Anonymous said...

Is there any clarity yet about why the Argo is finished?

troll-ish said...

@ 9:02 - I imagine it's because their food was sub par, and they invested in that patio cover rather than investing in their food. Bad business decision.

Edwina Francis said...

I thought the problem was they repeatedly failed to pay their taxes and after the third time the owner was presumably fed up?

Anonymous said...

Sad to see the Argo go. When I moved here, they were the only sit down restaurant in the area. First time I had sweet potato fries was at the Argo. Fire. Only restaurant that had seating whenever US played in World Cup and Women's World Cup. Fun times listening to Blue Grass after SoVa closed. Booty Beer. Bringing in food from a food truck. Nice diverse customers. Lots of staff turnover. Kids. Hot owner's wife. Great happy hour specials. Taco Tuesday. RIP Argo.

Jesse said...

three different sizes of apple sauce on their kids menu and, a million high chairs, and all kinds of distractions for the kiddos...they were the best.

pat said...

I believe Argo didn't spend anything on the patio cover, that was a 'Great Street grant improvement
from the DC Government.

I'm sorry to see Argo go, it would have been great to see a restart.

I liked how they had board games and friendly staff.

Anonymous said...

Good news! This is yet another mediocre location with abismal good and sub par service disapearing. If we can somehow get a good chain restaurant, Chopd, or sweet green maybe??!!!, it can really enhance the value of the neighborhood and continue to push out the middling businesses.

Annoyingmous said...

Good news! Anon 3:24 is leaving Frozen Tropics to troll other weblogs!

hStFood said...

I generally agree with Anon 3:24 . Not the chopd part, we can get better higher quality local establishments, but Argonaut and a few other long standing places are generally over rated and most the people I talk to are really just nestolgic.

Anonymous said...

for what it was, Argo was great. it's not in the same league as Gville Moore for food and drink but it hit the mark for good family friendly neighborhood pub and grub. with exception of of maybe Big Board, but I think it's more of a bar, are there any other restaurant on H that are aiming for that? maybe I am alone, but when I go out, I am fine with okay stuff priced okay.

i think the owner and his hot wife blazed a trail for others to follow. literally, as Argo is the last physical location on H that is a restaurant. i remember one of the bartenders got shot in the eye while closing up for the night. others set up shop on better locations on H. even if he is a druggie, I think he deserves some credit for helping out the neighborhood by setting up the Argo, holding it down for a decade, hosting fundraisers and orgs. i wish them success in their future undertakings and I hope to be as entrepreneurial.

Shad said...

Wow! Did not know owner was shot IN THE EYE! Yikes! Godspeed to him and his family.