Friday, March 24, 2017

Supreme Court to Hear Appeal in 1984 Fuller Murder Case March 29

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The Washington Post has a story on the 1984 brutal sexual assault and murder of Catherine Fuller, and how a Supreme Court hearing on March 29 could change lives. It's a complex story, and one involving allegations of an attack by a large number of people, some of whom would go on to serve lengthy prison terms while maintaining their innocence. Questions linger about the case and prosecution. The Supreme Court will look at an alleged Brady violation in which prosecutors failed to turn over information about a man named James McMillan who some say may have actually committed the crime. McMillan is currently serving a life sentence for the murder of a woman he raped and beat in 1992 a few blocks from the site where Fuller was attacked. The article says we could have a decision as soon as June, and if the Supreme Court finds the evidence was material and should have been turned over to the defense that could mean a new trial more than 30 years after the original crime.

The tale of Ms. Fuller's fate is a tragic one that cast a long shadow over the District, and over the H Street NE Corridor in particular. There are many great articles out there about it, and I would encourage anyone out there with an interest in H Street history to read up.

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pat said...

it will be interesting if the SCOTUS changes the standard.

I believe that the prosecution should be held to the "Any tendency towards an increased likelihood " standard,
or the defense should have the right to search all Witness statements and all Police reports which
mention the victim, the location or crimes that match the signature.

The judge can decide if the defense material is "relevant"