Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Dine & Dash "Customers" Skip Out on Bill & Steal Plates From Queen Vic


Local pub the Queen Vic (1206 H St.) was visited on Sunday night by a large group of patrons who ordered and received food, and then proceeded to skip out on their bill. To add insult to injury, the group also stole the plates on which their food was served. The members of the dine and dash crew can be seen in these security camera images provided by the Queen Vic. The restaurant posted about the incident on Facebook, writing "Bit of a weird night at The Vic last night. All these lovelies came in, ordered food and then ran out without paying AND stole the plates. SMFH!"

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Anonymous said...

Deplorable. I'll do what I can to keep a lookout for these folks but I wish the image quality was better.

Anonymous said...

what cha mean by "these lovelies?"