Monday, May 22, 2017

Add Your Garden to the Trinidad Garden Tour


It's time once again for the annual Trinidad Garden Tour. This year's tour will be held Sunday, June 11th. The tour is a volunteer-run free public event that welcomes folks of all ages. As in years past,  a meet and greet precedes the tour. The full tour generally fills the afternoon, but you can feel free to come and go as your schedule permits. The tour kicks off with a social starting at 12 pm at 1130 Montello Avenue NE. Just FYI, I have it on good authority that we might see something special on the tour this year.

Do you have a garden you'd like to show off? It doesn't matter if you are growing edibles or ornamentals. Both are welcome. Have an interest in gardening, but aren't sure where to start with your space? Add your yard to the tour, and get advice and ideas from neighbors.


Tom said...

YAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSS QUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN. I literally wait all year for this event. Don't be bashful. Come alone if need be. Everyone is super friendly. I hope that guy who made the cold brew two years ago shows up. Best cold brew I ever had!

Anonymous said...

Who's growin that dank herb?

Tom said...

Inked...any update on the next garden tour date?

inked said...

I haven’t heard a date yet, but I figured that was perhaps because Art in the Alley was back in the spring this year. I’ve been meaning to ask if they’ve set a date.