Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Do You Know this Dog Found Near 11th & I St NE? [UPDATE: She's home safe]


UPDATE: This dog is back home.

A reader writes in saying "found this very sweet and very dirty little lady in our alley behind 11th and I NE. She has no tags or collar and it looks like she may have been in a collision with something - she is limping ever so slightly. I do not see any wounds though and she is letting me touch and pet her quite a bit so I think maybe it’s just shock. Right now she is resting in my fenced backyard with a little food and some water. She has been reported running around H street earlier today. "

The reader can be reached at 202-441-0064 or pansons[at] She indicated that she will take the dog to the Humane Rescue Alliance shelter at 1201 New York Avenue NE tonight unless she hears from someone. The Humane Alliance holds all dogs that come in for five days before preparing them for the adoption process. You can check their website for recent arrivals. The number to call for lost pets is 202-576-6664.



cat matsuda said...

FOUND! She belongs to an elderly neighbor on 12th Street NE. Good opportunity to remind folks to tag or microchip your pets!

inked said...

Great news! Thanks for the update.

Unknown said...

Or put a collar on your dog or not let it run away.the owner shouldn't have a dog if you can't care fir your animal.