Thursday, June 29, 2017

Stanton Liquor & Adjacent Properties for Sale

Station Liquor in 2005

The building that's home to Stanton Liquor (1044 Bladensburg Road NE) is for sale with a list price of $1 million. The listing describes the property as "Currently leased Liquor Store. Ideal for Investors in up and coming Garden District," and notes that it could be combined with adjacent properties (1040, 1042, and 1048 Bladensburg Road NE) that are also listed for sale. 10401042, and 1048 are all priced at $500,000. This is on the Trinidad side of Bladensburg Road NE.

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 7.04.23 AM


Anonymous said...

Garden District? Is that what Trinidad is being rebranded as? I guess that sounds better than Police Checkpoint Trapezoid.

inked said...

I believe that's actually a reference to Bladensburg Road. It's an idea that's shown up in some presentations on revitalizing the area. Cultivate the City has their H Street Farms on the roof of W. S. Jenks Hardware, and if they ever reopen that Arboretum entrance it won't be too far from Bladensburg.

Anonymous said...

Finally, finally. I really hope some development comes up this road. It just looks horrible with numerous liquor stores and people loitering outside, abandoned building. It has the making of a nice street.

I really like the building next to the BP station, and that one has a big Douglas Development sign on it, but they haven't done anything with it besides make a fake, free-standing wall (yes, seriously) in front of it. It could be such a nice mixed use building, has great character.

Artgar Funkel said...

I hear ya, anon 6:27! I ride past that bldg every day. It's actually a fairly good sized space. I wonder how long they'll let it just sit there.....

Dylan Sweeney said...

There is a new real estate flipper setting up shop in the newly painted purple building as well. I would bet on Bladensburg filling in within the next 5 years