Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Streetcar Booth to Offer Face Painting & More During Festival


The streetcar won't run during Saturday's H Street Festival. But the streetcar team will have a booth at 8th & H with face painting, popcorn, and giveaways.


poo said...

speaking of streetcars.... why do they look like they're 30 years old? the paint on the outside is faded in some panels, to the point where parts of the car look orange, and other parts red. they look like they've led a pretty hard life for their relatively young age.

Anonymous said...

Just the usual DC lack of maintenance Poo.

poo said...

damn! i guess it's true that you can't take the streetcar to the car wash, like you can the buses. wait... what...? wherever they clean the buses, cuz they look *a lot* better than the streetcars.

i'm not judging the whole infrastructure/urban transportation thing, i'm merely making a shallow judgement call on appearance.

that is all.

Tarqwan said...

the reason is simple. The faded ones(small headlights) were Skoda Inekon Trio models purchased in the Czech Republic in 2008. They were stored there for a while and then brought here and stored outside. The newer Oregon cars were purchased much later and aren't as faded. It should tell you a lot about DC when it takes almost 10 years to get a short streetcar line running.