Tuesday, May 17, 2005

ANC 6A ABL Committee Meeting

The ANC 6A Alcoholic Beverage Licensing Committee will meet tonight to look at recent ABL applications. There will be another meeting (involving Joe Englert & the drawing up of voluntary agreements) on May 24th (same place, same time).

Sherwood Recreation Center (10th & G NE).

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Anonymous said...

For anyone who is interested, the following "appropriateness" standards are set forth in the DC Code:

(a) To qualify for issuance, renewal of a license . . . an applicant shall demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Board that the establishment is appropriate for the locality, section, or portion of the District where it is to be located.

(b) In determining the appropriateness of an establishment, the Board shall consider all relevant evidence of record, including:

(1) The effect of the establishment on real property values;

(2) The effect of the establishment on peace, order, and quiet, including the noise and litter provisions set forth in §§ 25-725 and 25-726; [and]

(3) The effect of the establishment upon residential parking needs and vehicular and pedestrian safety;

DC Code sec. 25-313. The Board also may consider whether issuance of the license would "create or contribute to an overconcentration of licensed establishments which is likely to affect adversely the locality, section, or portion in which the establishment is located." DC Code sec. 25-314(a)(4).

The regulations in turn provide guidance as to "appropriateness":

(a) The establishment will not interfere with the peace, order, and quiet of the
relevant area, considering such elements as noise, rowdiness, loitering, litter, and
criminal activity;

(b) The establishment will not have an adverse impact on residential parking needs,
considering available public and private parking and any arrangements made to
secure such parking for the clientele of the establishment; and

(c) The flow of traffic to be generated by the establishment will be of such pattern
and volume as to neither increase the likelihood of vehicular accidents nor put
pedestrians at an unreasonable risk of harm from vehicles.

23 DCMR 400.1.

If the applicant is able to present evidence of "appropriateness," those opposing the application can present "such evidence and argument as would establish the inappropriateness of the establishment, and as would overcome, to the satisfaction of a reasonable person, the evidence and argument presented by the applicant." 23 DCMR 400.3.