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Friday, May 13, 2005

Info on Alcoholic Beverage Licenses in DC

Here is a link to information on ABC licenses & fees in the District. I thought this would be useful as we all think about the restaurants and taverns proposed for H Street. I am going to try to post photos of the proposed sites for these establishments this weekend.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is silly spin. No one says taverns, they are bars!!!

May 13, 2005, 9:13:00 PM

Blogger inked said...

Hey now, this isn't spin, it's the law. This is the official terminology of the District of Columbia. If you want an example of deceptive spin (or something worse) try labeling 6 CT/CR (potentially) licensed establishments as bars.

May 14, 2005, 2:46:00 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually I label Joes places as beer joints or dives. Are you saying that booze will not be the central attraction at these joints?

For example, Do you think that Marty's is a bar? I do. The bar in Marty's takes up over a 25% of the downstairs room and it is looks like an alter to booze. It is amazing that young children are allowed in these places.

May 14, 2005, 7:10:00 PM

Blogger inked said...

I've never been to Marty's. I expect the atmosphere will be the main attraction. If alcohol were the main attraction, nobody would bother going to bars...it'd be cheaper just to buy stuff at the corner store. The taverns and restaurants are exciting because they, much like R&B Coffee, are gathering places. I think that the social aspect is dominant. As for the young children...remember that you will see young children in liquor stores in DC.

May 15, 2005, 8:58:00 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, Marty's is just like that Belga Cafe in Barracks row, with a CR license and a big bar and all. What a terrible place Belga is with all that Yuppie scum cramming the place night after night dropping at least $100/table. I can't believe a place with a CR license would be nominated for a best new restaurant award. I sure hope we don't get places like that on H Street - wouldn't that be terrible!! If we could just keep it a chicken carry out and dollar store destination we could really make H street something special for everyone. Why oh why is this Joe guy trying to ruin our utopia over here on H street...everything we've worked so hard to keep and it seems it's on the edge of ruin. I've even heard this Joe guy is trying to do something about the trash on H street. It's appalling!

May 16, 2005, 7:42:00 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard that the great white hope is going to walk on water!

May 16, 2005, 8:49:00 AM

Blogger inked said...

Ok, I was assuming that I wouldn't have to ask people to refrain from race baiting. As I've said before, I think the appeal here is not that Joe Englert is white, but rather that he has the money & experience to pull off his big plans. He is a well known business owner and he is painting a pretty grand vision for change on H Street. If people seem excited, I think that's only natural, these are big changes we're talking about. I would also like to point out that I have, in the past, written favorably about black business owners in the area. I've just been writing a lot about Joe Englert, because of the magnitude of his plans, and because of the controversy surrounding them.

May 16, 2005, 9:27:00 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm just happy to see anything other than empty and vacant building. True the alcohol may be a bad addiction for some. And some other venues could be used in place of them. But I don't see any one else in our neighborhood finding money and purchasing these build and put it where there mouths are. If you don’t like what you see do something about other than complain.

May 16, 2005, 3:47:00 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think we should refrain from the race thing as well. It is good that there is active development going on, for years nothing happened and no one said or did anything. However there is a little truth to the great hope comment--and this is not race related. I just hope we are not putting too much faith in this one person. It would be great to hear more about other types of establishments that are interested in coming to that area. Joe Englert mentioned in another listserve that others, such as a chocolatier and a theater-restaurant venue investor had also approached him. I would love to hear if they are really interested in the area. I personally am not a pub type person at all, and don't really like that feel so would hate to have ALL of these restaurants with a similar Politiki type feel. I would love for Englert to diversify a bit more or maybe lease his establishments to some of these other type vendors.

May 17, 2005, 7:45:00 AM

Blogger inked said...

Absolutely we need to have other types of places. Right now there are so many empty spaces. I'm hoping that seeing an established businessman like Joe Englert really putting such a large investment into the area will convince others (who do have the cash to invest) that it is safe to go in. Since "safe" for a business owner also means accessible, the shuttle will play a key role. Restaurants need food traffic, and I think that knowing all these other places will definitely open (something you can't be sure of with every developer) goes a long way to ensuring that the necessary foot traffic will be there. I think everyone would like to see some great restaurants come to H Street. I hope seeing other development will encourage restaranteurs to give H Street a shot.

May 17, 2005, 9:05:00 AM


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