Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Mayor Requests Funding For Temporary Relocation of R. L. Christian Library

I received a pdf of a letter from Mayor Williams to Linda Cropp requesting that the Council approve the Neighborhood Investment Act Spending Plan (being considered at the April 4th legislative meeting). This act would provide funding for various neighborhood projects, including the temporary relocation of R. L. Christian Library (1300 block of H Street) during construction of a new mixed use structure on the library's existing site. Once the new structure was completed, the library would return to the H Street location, but would actually occupy more square feet.


Joseph Fengler said...

Can you send me the library PDF? thx.


Richard Layman said...

I printed off the resolution, and it also lists $500,000 for lighting etc. for the Atlas Theater.

Richard Layman said...

Neighborhood Investment Act Spending Plan for FY 2006 Confirmation
Resolution of 2006," PR 16-682