Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A Reflection of the Past

Wheatley Elementary (1200 block of Neal Street NE). DCPS is considering consoldating Wheatley Elementary with nearby Webb Elementary (Mt. Olivet Road). Wheatley has been shuttered and awaiting renovation for the past few years, while it's students have been bussed to anotherr location for classes.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where Wheatley's students are currently being bused? Also, how many are there and in what grades?

Jesse B said...

Looks like this is definately going to happen. DCPS is just waiting for approval from the Board of Ed before consolidation takes place. No one at Webb has been told what the new budget would look like, but it looks like a few teachers and staff will need to be moved...Webb will need a lot of help from the community if it is going to serve this many students in this particular community.