Sunday, June 25, 2006

Hang-Outs & Haunts on H Street

This is my reply to an earlier comment, but I wanted to make it an actual post because I think it can be helpful to review what exactly is here or coming (this is a list of hang-outs & haunts, but it doesn't include every restaurant, any of the theaters, or any art galleries):

1400 block of H Street

The Argonaut: A neighborhoody tavern. Serves a fun menu including brunch on Sundys. Has a large tv for sporting events. The 2nd floor (a more loungy space) features a dj spinning old school hip-hop some weekends. You can also play darts, or fooseball upstairs. The opening of a side patio is in the works. liquor license & bar. 1433 H Street

Daavi's: West African food. Not generally much of a hang-out, but the closest West-African food around. They have plans to create a patio space behind the restaurant. I don't think they have a liquor license. 1427 H Street

There is supposedly an Ethiopian place in the works for the 1400 block, but I don't have anything more solid yet.

1300 block

Ohio Restaurant: Southern style food (including breakfast). Great old-school jukebox. Liquor license & bar. 1380 H Street

Rose's Dream -Night
Rose's Dream: Bar with live music (jazz, r&b, & gog-go) & karaoke nights. No food, but you can carry up food from the Caribbean carry-out downstairs. Obviously they have a liquor license. 1370 H Street
The Majestic by Gwen: Restaurant & bar. Live music & dancingn (including hand dancing). Liquor license.
1368 H Street
R&B Coffee
R&B Coffee: Coffee house with events. Sandwiches, salads, desserts & pasties. Really nice space upstairs. Plans to open the patio out back. No liquor license.
1359 H Street
Sanctuary: A gallery & performance space. Only open for events/shows. A late night dance spot. 1355 H Street

Rock & Roll Hotel*: They'll serve middle Eastern inspired fare once the kitchen is finished. Focus on live music (like a smaller 9:30 Club). The first floor is a straight-up performance space. The upstairs is more loungy & attention wa obviously given to decorating the space. There are lots of little rooms where you can sit & drink with friends, or that can be rented out for private parties. 1353 H Street

Phish Tea -Night 6
Phish Tea: Neo-Caribbean fusion restaurant & bar. Various events (including live music & theme nights). Liquor license. 1335 H Street

1200 block

Dr. Granville's Brickyard* (coming soon): a tavern serving Belgian food & Belgian brews.
1338 H Street

H Street Martini Lounge: A lounge serving appetizers & featuring live jazz, R&B & more. Liquor license.
1236 H Street

The Pug* -short for the pugilist (coming soon): A boxing themed sports bar serving American food. Liquor license. 1234 H Street

The Beehive* (coming soon): A tavern serving Tex-Mex burritos. Featuring a jukebox. Liquor license. 1224 H Street

The Red & the Black: A New Orleans style bistro & bar featuring live music & serving up Cajun/Creole cuisine. 1212 H Street

Palace of Wonders: A circus themed bar featuring various shows like swordswallowing, fire eating & burlesque dancing. Tuesdays are female arm wrestling night & Wednesdays are trivia night.

400 block

Sidamo* (coming soon): An Ethiopian coffee house serving light fare.
417 H Street

Did I miss anything?


Anonymous said...

Excellent brunch at the Argonault!!! Very tasty cheese grits, the bacon is fresh and good.The fried potatoes with green peppers are awesome. Fresh veggies in the omelets. A very deal, I think.

Anonymous said...

A while ago there was also plans for the Olympic next door (west) to the Palace of Wonders. I believe that the ANC supported its liquor license. Was the Olympic scrapped in favor of the Pug? Has 1208 property been resold?

Anonymous said...

The Sanctuary?

Although their parties are only twice or month or so... But when they are open it is easily one of the best places in the city to dance!

inked said...

Thanks, I did forget Sanctuary. They had a party on Friday. It sounded like quite an event.

Tim said...

I want to echo some of the comments from the Palace of Wonders post earlier. I just don't see how it can possibly make sense for Palace of Wonders to charge a cover of $8.
I went to the Argonaut for dinner Friday, then walked over to Palace of Wonders and saw many, many people walk away when they found out about the cover.

I would have probably gone in for a drink if not for it myself (although I will go sometime, but I had people with me and they weren't in favor of paying $8). They really need to rethink this policy because they need all the people they can get and I saw lots turn around a leave on Friday when told of the cover. Then, to ask others to leave who are already there because of the cover?!?! Just seems a bit much for a new place in an area that is struggling to get people to come to the neighborhood. Should they really have a policy in place that requires the removal of paying patrons? In the future, maybe, but not right now.

scotty and the argonauts!! said...

I would like to thank everyone who came to the Argonaut for brunch this weekend!! We apperiate all of your feed back. The brunch menu will be expanding in the next few weeks, as we get an idea of what our customers like! We are also still looking for a 61 inch tv! It was last spoted grewing legs and walking out our maryland side exit! if you see it please call us at 202-397-1416!

Anonymous said...

Seriously, $8 bucks for a sword swallower. I really hope they rethink that policy.

Anonymous said...

I guess, the Argonaut HAD a large TV for sports viewing. That is really too bad that someone broke in and stole it. What's wrong with people? I spent a good time this weekend at both the Red & Black and the Palace of Wonders and both were awesome. Palace of Wonders is going to be a fun place to hang out going forward..

argo managment said...

Funny! HAD! We still have two very nice TVs, and thanks to everyone who supports us we will HAVE another one soon!! Buy the way monday night is Half price burgers, and Wend. is $3.00 orders of wings!! Argonaut is now open for brunch on Sat.& Sun. from 11am until 3pm. Also starting next week we will not open until 5pm. I appoligize to the one or two people this might bother!

Anonymous said...

Palace of Wonders is interesting - we weren't there for a show but I can't believe they are charging $8 to get in some nights. They need a few more bells and whistles to make it all it can be. The night we were there the juke box kept running out of songs so there were long stretches of silence. Boooorrrring! The Argonaut is by far the best place over there - I'm really looking forward to checking out the brunch! Sorry some jackass stole the TV - that's a shame! It just makes me want to go there more to support them - and I will!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know anything more about Aroma Dough?

inked said...

Aroma Dough" has been "in the works" for more than two years now. I've heard about a few snags. I wouldn't count on it opening any time soon. However, you will likely be able to enjoy Ethiopian coffee in the 400 block (Sidamo) soon.

Anonymous said...

And there's the Jamaican place on 6th and H. I'm not sure when they'll get tables, but the food is great.